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Tigers to face San Francisco Giants in World Series

It took the National League seven games, but the Tigers' World Series opponents were finally decided. It's back to the Bay Area for the Tigers, who'll meet the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday.

Ezra Shaw

The Tigers have had their spot in the World Series locked in for days. They've been keeping sharp (we hope) by facing each other and their minor league players. I, and a few of my fellow Bless You Boys writers have been getting fat and lazy enjoying our weekends. But no more. Today we all make the final push.

The Tigers will be heading west to the Bay Area (again), as they'll be meeting the San Fransisco Giants in the 2012 World Series. It'll be the first meeting in the Fall Classic between the clubs.

Not that we cared greatly about what went on in the National League's side of the playoffs, but I think a large contingent of Tigers fans a) do not like the Cards, and b) do not trust the Cards as far as they can throw them, which probably isn't far. As Rob Rogacki just messaged me, he refuses to believe the World Series is set "until the Cards are 1000% dead."

Well, they are now. Of course, the Giants keep winning elimination games, so if the Tigers get to three wins first, it's hardly reason to feel confident.

Check back throughout Tuesday, as we'll have predictions, projections. analysis and whatever else it is we do around here. Also head on over to visit our friends at McCovey Chronicles, too. Grant Brisbee and staff do a wonderful job.