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Bless You Boys Podcast 62: World Series preview

Kurt and Al preview the World Series and make their predictions.

Ezra Shaw

The latest edition of the Bless You Boys Podcast is short (for us, anyway), to the point (mostly) and all about the World Series (definitely). Allison is under the weather, so it's up to Kurt and Al to preview the upcoming match up between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.

BYB Podcast 62 has a running time of 39 minutes and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


  • What we did during the break between the ALCS and the World Series - Very little!
  • We all remember what happened in 2006. How are the Tigers preparing differently this time around?
  • The media loves narratives
  • Talent vs. intangibles
  • Breaking down the Tigers and Giants
  • Starting pitching: Tigers
  • Bullpens: Giants
  • Offense: Al - Tigers, Kurt - even
  • Defense - Giants, but not by as much as you think
  • The favorite: The Tigers are favored by both the media and Vegas sports books, making the fan base extremely nervous.
  • Prediction: Al - Tigers in 5, Kurt - Tigers in 5.

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