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Detroit Tigers Links: World Series, World Series, World Series

It's Wednesday, Oct. 24. This means but one thing: the first game of the 2012 Fall Classic is tonight. I'm throwing the traditional script out the window. There are a lot of fun links below, and it would be criminal to simply highlight just a few here. So read, enjoy, share, and go Tigers!

Leon Halip

World Series links (because that's all that really matters):

World Series breakdown: Tigers-Giants, position-by-position, Cliff Corcoran

The Giants have been in business since 1883, the Tigers since 1901. The former has now won 20 National League pennants since the modern World Series began in 1903, while the latter has captured 11 American League pennants. This will be the first time these two historic franchises have met in the Fall Classic.

The power of Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland
ESPN, Howard Bryant

In guiding the Tigers to the World Series for the second time in the past seven years, Jim Leyland has shown his unique style of leadership.

Beleaguered Tigers reliever Jose Valverde: Everything's perfect now
The Detroit News, Rod Beard

We surely hope so. Because we're going to need him at some point.

Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder have set tone for Tigers
The Detroit News, Bob Wojnowski

The World Series is a day away and there are logistical issues, matchup issues and issues about what constitutes an issue. That's for others. The Tigers have no issues, even when it appears they do.

Does the Tigers' vacation make them World Series favorites?
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

Well it certainly didn't help them in 2006. But I think they've prepared accordingly this time around.

Detroit's World Series Teams: A Users' Guide (Part 1)
Baseball Nation, Steven Goldman

The World Series is nothing new for the Detroit Tigers. When Ty Cobb ruled the American League, the Tigers played in three straight World Series, 1907 through 1909 ... and lost all three.

Mike Ilitch’s title bid for Tigers and five more early storylines from the World Series
Big League Stew, Mark Townsend

If you saw the emotion in manager Jim Leyland, GM Dave Drombowski and Tiger players' eyes when Ilitch accepted the William Harriage trophy, you can sense how much they all appreciate his commitment, and how much it would mean to them to help him fulfill his vision.

Tigers' Justin Verlander the man to chill red-hot Giants
Detroit Free Press, John Lowe

Yep. I'm pretty sure he's up for the challenge.

World Series players to watch
ESPN, David Schoenfield

Delmon Young. Delmon Young. Delmon Young.

2012 World Series: Detroit Tigers vs San Francisco Giants
Walkoff Woodward, Cameron Scott

Well here we are. The World Series. Tigers vs Giants. Two of the most storied franchises in MLB history face off for the first time in the Fall Classic.

Predicting The San Francisco Giants’ World Series Pitching Rotation
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder

This rotation terrifies me. With the exception of Barry Zito, maybe.

Ex-Tiger Joel Zumaya preys on smallmouth bass in Michigan
Detroit Free Press, Lydia Lohrer

OK, so I lied. This has nothing to do with the World Series. But it's Joel Zumaya. We all love Joel Zumaya. So he gets a pass.