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Jim Leyland: Doug Fister 'fine' after beaning; Quintin Berry, Andy Dirks back in starting lineup for World Series game 3

Tigers manger Jim Leyland spoke to media this afternoon, had a few things to say about the health of his game 2 starting pitcher and his lineup for Saturday's game 3.

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Doug Fister: It's remarkable Fister is, from all accounts, doing OK and in line to start game 6 after taking a line drive to the head in the 2nd inning of game 2. When asked about Fister's status, Jim Leyland confirmed the Tigers sent their number 2 starter for further testing as a precautionary measure.

Leyland on Fister:

"I did talk to him on the plane last night, and he seemed fine," Leyland said. "He’s a little sore, but there didn’t appear to be anything that looked alarming like loss of memory. He looked fine, his eyes looked fine, and the trainers have checked him out, so I think he’s fine."

The Brandon McCarthy incident was on everyone's mind when Fister was drilled. So the Tigers are doing their due diligence, making sure Fister is not suffering from after effects caused by the beaning. As Fister is scheduled to start game 6, let's hope we can break out the old Dizzy Dean joke, "The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing."

As of 11PM tonight, there has been no word from the Tigers as to what the tests did or did not reveal.

Game 3 lineup: With the Giants' starting a right-handed pitcher in Ryan Vogelsong and the DH back at their disposal, the Tigers will go with the starting 9 which served them so well in the AL playoffs. Which means Andy Dirks returns to the lineup in right, Quintin Berry takes over in left and Delmon Youing is back where he is far more suited, DH.

Leyland on his game 3 lineup:

"It's a right-handed pitcher obviously and that's the lineup we usually play against them," Leyland said. "Berry gives us a different element with a little speed and Dirks actually moved behind Delmon Young (in lineup) and I think that's a pretty nice fit there. He's a pretty good contact hitter with a pretty good short stroke."

I'm thrilled Comerica's outfield turf is safe from being pelted by Delmon Young's throws. I'm more thrilled the Tigers will have a far better offensive lineup ready to face Vogelsong.