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Bless You Boys Podcast 63: It's not over till it's over

Our confidence was flagging going into tonight's episode, but we felt better about the Tigers' chances this weekend by the end of a World Series travel day Bless You Boys Podcast.

Leon Halip

With Kurt off running the SB Nation mothership and posting gifs of chubby fans at college football games, Allison and Al spend a World Series travel day Bless You Boys Podcast trying to figure out what went wrong in San Francisco and what could go right for the Tigers in Detroit.

BYB Podcast 63 has a running time of 47 minutes and features Al Beaton and Allison Hagen.


  • The Tigers down 0-2 to the Giants. Time to panic?
  • The Tigers have a far better record at home than on the road. Will home cooking turn the series around ion the Tigers favor?
  • Was Gene Lamont too aggressive in waving Prince Fielder home in game 2? Did Jim Leyland make the correct call in settling for the double play while giving up a run late in game 2?
  • Was Justin Verlander off his game or do you just tip your cap to Pablo Sandoval?
  • Was leaving Doug Fister in the game after being hit by a line drive the correct call, considering the possibility of a concussion?
  • If you want to point fingers, point at the Tigers offense. Will the Tigers' bats can come around against right-handed pitching, even if they are the Giants best post season pitchers?
  • If feels like the Giants have have gotten every break, bounce and call. But saying their lead is due to luck is not giving them their due. They have outplayed the Tigers.
  • Media narratives for this week: "The Giants are a scrappy team doing all the little things right" and "The Giants are making their own breaks."
  • Have we seen the last of Jose Valverde?
  • 40 of 50 teams who have taken a 2-0 World Series lead have gone on to clinch the championship. Will the Tigers win 2 games and take the series back to San Francisco?

Check out the Giants Pod podcast. Al was the guest of Thomas and Danny as they covered the first two games of the World Series, Verlander’s meltdown, Valverde’s ineffectiveness, Jim Leyland and Bruce Bochy’s similarities, and what to expect from the rest of the Fall Classic.

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