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Giants 4, Tigers 3: World Series ends both in extra innings and in a sweep

Marco Scutaro's 10th inning RBI single off Phil Coke gave the Giants a World Series sweep of the Tigers.

Leon Halip

Final - 10.28.2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
San Francisco Giants 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 4 9 0
Detroit Tigers 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 5 0
WP: Santiago Casilla (1 - 0)
SV: Sergio Romo (3)
LP: Phil Coke (0 - 1)

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The San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings sweeping the World Series to win the 7th championship in franchise history.

The World Series MVP was Pablo Sandoval, the Panda hit .500 with 3 home runs.

Santiago Casilla pitched 1/3 of an inning, getting the final out of the 9th to receive credit for the victory. Sergio Romo set the Tigers down in order for his 3rd save of the series. Phil Coke took the loss for the Tigers.

Marco Scutaro has the game -winning RBI for the Giants, the other runs scoring on a Brandon Belt triple and Buster Posey's 2 run homer. Miguel Cabrera and Delmon Young both went dep to account for the Tigers' runs.

Max Scherzer toes the rubber for the Tigers to open the game. It's vintage, blue eye Scherzer, setting the Giants down in order, including strikeouts of Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval.

Matt Cain is the Giants' starter, walks Miguel Cabrera with 2 out. But a completely lost at the plate Prince Fielder, having a post season that won't be for the ages, strikes out swinging.

One down in the 2nd, scary boogy man Hunter Pence drills a liner into the left center gap, the ball bouncing over the fence by the foul pole for a ground rule double. First pitch swinging, Brandon Belt smokes a line drive into the right field corner, and by the time Andy Dirks gets the ball into the infield, Pence has scored and Belt has a triple.

Jim Leyland brings the infield in, and the move pays off when Gregor Blanco grounds out 4-3. Scherzer gets out of the inning with a minimum of damage when Dirks runs down Ryan Theriot's liner to deep right center.

Considering the Tigers haven't scored in 19 innings, let alone hold a lead at any time in this World Series, going down 1-0 is a scary scenario.

Delmon Young, one of the few Tigers showing any life at the plate, led off the bottom of the 2nd with a single. Yet the script remains the same as games 1, 2 and 3. Dirks sends a can of corn to center, Jhonny Peralta pops up and Omar Infante grounds into a 6-4 fielder's choice.

Another runner stranded, you can hear a (large) pin drop at Comerica.

Top of 3, Brandon Crawford is credited with an infield single on a bang-bang play, despite replays showing Peralta's throw nipped him. Scherzer gets the next 2 Giants before Pablo Sandoval singles Crawford to 3rd. But Posey flies out to end the inning, Scherzer keeping the Tigers within whispering distance.

But with this offense, it feels like the Tigers are miles away from tying the game.

Bottom of the 3rd, Jackson works a 1 out base on balls, the Tigers' 3rd base runner of the night. The Tigers send Jackson, Quintin Berry lays down a nice bunt, but is thrown out at 1st, thanks to a combination of a good play by Panda and Berry getting a lousy break out of the box.

Jackson on 2nd with 2 down, Cabrera launches what looks like a ball Pence should flag down easily. But the ball catches the Frankenstorm jet stream and carries...and carries...and carries...over the wall in right for a 2 run home run, giving the Tigers their first lead of the series, 2-1.

Fielder finally hits the ball on the screws, but with the shift on, Crawford is perfectly positioned to make the play, after being knocked over by a one-hopper.

But the Tigers FINALLY HAVE A LEAD and Comerica is rocking!

One down in the 4th, Scherzer throws 6 consecutive balls, walking Belt and falling behind Blanco. But the Tigers get the strike 'em out - throw 'em out double play, Blanco going down swinging, Belt easily pegged by Laird.

The Tigers have turned the tables on the Giants, doing the little things correctly.

Well, not so correctly in the bottom of the 4th. The Tigers go down in order against Cain, including strikeouts of Young and Peralta.

Scherzer does the same in the top of the 5th, tossing a 1-2-3 inning as the weather in Detroit deteriorates, a cold, driving mist (in the words of Buck) enveloping Comerica.

Bottom of 5, Cain shatters Infante's bat, but muscles the ball into center for a lead off single. Laird is asked to lay one down, but bunts the ball into the jet stream instead, popping up to Belt. The Tigers send Infante, but Jackson pops up to center for the 2nd out. Berry is unable to beat out his slow roller to short by diving into 1st base head first.

Scutaro leads off the 6th with an infield single to 3rd, Cabrera double clutching on the throw. Scherzer strikes out the hotter than Hades Sandoval on a 3-2 breaking ball.

But one MVP candidate matches the other MVP candidate, Posey yanking a Scherzer change up over the wall in left, the 2 run home run giving the Giants the lead back at 3-2.

Scherzer gets out of the 6th without allowing another base runner, but the Tigers find themselves back behind the 8-ball, 1 run and 4 innings away from the end of their season.

The middle of the Tigers order was due up, hoping to counter Posey's dinger.

It doesn't look good after Cabrera strikes out and Fielder pops up.

But Detroit's Mr. October, Delmon Young, ties the game at 3-3, clubbing a first pitch fastball over the wall in right.

Dirks follows with a single, Peralta makes a bid to give the Tigers the lead, but his fly to deep left runs out of gas at on the warning track.

The Tigers did what they had to absolutely do, counter the Giants' score with one of their own.

Scherzer stays in the game to start the 7th. Leading off, Blanco singles. Theriot grounds to short, but Blanco was running to stay out of the GIDP, and advances to 2nd.

With the left hand hitting Crawford due up, Leyland wants the lefty-lefty matchup, pulling his fire balling Mr. Heterochromia for rookie Drew Smyly.

With it being all hands on deck, Smyly is used as a LOOGY. Crawford hits a lazy fly to center for the 2nd out of the inning. Smyly is immediately pulled for Octavio Dotel, who will face the switch hitting Pagan.

2 pitches later, the inning is over, Pagan grounding out 4-3. The much maligned bullpen (which has been fine, save for Potato) doing it's job, stranding a running in scoring position.

Cain remains on the mound for the Giants, and mows the Tigers down post haste. Infante sends a fly to center, Laird pops up (not a bunt) and Jackson strikes out.

Dotel walks the lead off man, Scutarom ratcheting up the tension at Comerica. Panda hits a chopper to 1st, Fielder fields it cleanly, steps on the bag, and catches Scutaro in a rundown, tagged out 3-6-1.

The Tigers turn a double play the hard way.

Joaquin Benoit and Phil Coke are warming up, but not yet needed. Dotel finishes of the inning by striking out Posey, yelling as he bounces off the mound.

Bruce Bochy pulls Cain after 7 innings, Jeremy Affeldt takes over. Leyland makes his own move, Avisal Garcia pinch hitting for Berry.

The rook has a very nice at bat, fouling off a couple of pitches before walking on a full count.

But an overly aggressive Cabrera strikes out on 3 pitches. I'm confused. The rookie has a better at bat than Cabrera?

Fielder does the same, striking out on a series of breaking balls, his World Series average dropping to .071.

Mr. October turns into Mr. May, Young striking out as well. Affeldt making the veterans look silly, striking out the side after Garcia's walk.

A with 2 lefties due up in the top of the 9th, Phil Coke gets the call out of the bullpen.

The righty, Pence, strikes out. Belt whiffs on a full count. Blanco can only look at a strike 3 breaking ball as a clutch Coke strikes out the side for the 2nd consecutive game.

Affeldt takes the ball in the bottom of the 9th for the Giants.

Dirks strikes out. Peralta gives the ball a long ride to deep left center, but once again his fly ball dies on the warning track in the Bermuda Triangle near the foul pole.

Having given the Giants a scare, Bochy yanks Affeldt for setup man Santiago Castilla. He puts Infante on base in the painful way possible, a high and tight fastball drilling him in the hand. It looked bad, sounded worse, and ended Infante's night.

Ramon Santiago pinch ran, but didn't have to run far as Laird forced him at 2nd to end the inning.

Coke remained in the game while Danny Worth took over at 2nd base. (Why he just didn't run for Infante is beyond me). Theriot led off the 10th with a bloop single to right, ending Coke's World Series strikeout streak at 7. Crawford bunted the runner over, giving the Giants 2 shots with a runner in scoring position.

Coke struck out Pagan for the 2nd out, leaving it up to Scutaro.As he has since the Giants picked him up via trade, he came through.

Scutaro hit s liner to center, an indecisive Jackson pulled up as the ball dropped in front of him for a single. His throw was far off line (even a perfect throw would not a guaranteed a close play), allowing Theriot to score the lead run, the Giants taking a 4-3 advantage. Scutato took 2nd on the throw.

Coke gets the final out of the inning, as Cabrera touches 3rd, but then realized he has to tag Scutaro, who was trying to advance, for some reason.

Closer Sergio Romo comes on to get the final 3 outs to clinch the World Series.

Jackson strikes out.

Don Kelly, pinch hitting for Garcia, strikes out.

Cabrera looks at a fastball over the heart of the plate for a called strike 3.

Season over.

This World Series loss hurts much more than when the 2006 Tigers fell in 5 games. No one expected those Tigers to advance to the playoffs, let alone the World Series. In 2012, expectations were different. As in out of control and sky high. Despite being highly flawed, this Tigers team was supposed to make it to the World Series with it's triumvirate of superstars, then win it for their desperate to win octogenarian owner.

They accomplished the former, but failed at the latter, much in thanks to those flaws and those superstars having a very rough 4 games. 83 year old owner Mike Ilitch will have to wait another year for a shot at his white whale.

How do you find yourself swept out of a World Series? By not supporting a mostly lights out pitching staff by scoring only 6 runs in 4 games. The Tigers' offense wasn't record setting awful, but damn, damn close.

On the Tigers' side of the ledger, that's how this series will be remembered. Four games of offensive futility.

The series can be summed up in four words. The better team won.

Now I know how Yankees fans felt after the ALCS.


Bullets are brought to you by Miguel Cabrera's MLB sanctioned Triple Crown trophy.The Burger King has nothing on Miggy.


  • Throwing out the first pitch tonight was Magglio Ordonez. Damn, a 2006-2010 vintage Maggs (.320 BA, .883 OPS) would sure look good in the outfield about now.
  • All I have to say about tonight's national anthem: Every Detroit musician ever >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Demi Lovato.
  • Tim McCarver: If he (Scherzer) nakes a statement, then the offense will be encouraged to make a statement." If the Tigers' offense needs Scherzer to encourage them in a win or go home game, then they are screwed.
  • Joe Buck is stunned when Cabrera points toward the 1st base ump for an appeal on a check swing, something Tigers fans see on an almost daily basis.
  • Tim McCarver after a bang-bang play: "And Crawford beat the play." We see the replay, the runner should have been called out. McCarver: "And it looked like Crawford beat the play." KILL. ME. NOW.
  • The Tigers took their first lead of the series after 29 2/3 innings.
  • Cabrera's home run was time Giants had been behind since game 54 of NLCS, a span of 56 innings. It's the 2nd longest streak in post season history.
  • Someone needs to convince Young every month is October. He's a completely different offensive player in the playoffs. No, I can't explain it, either.
  • The less said about the 7th inning stretch, the better. Let's just say it didn't go well.
  • McCarver in the 9th: "If (Ramon) Santiago could run, he'd be a starting 2nd baseman, he's that good." Get out the meds, McCarver's making crap up again.
  • Coke had faced 7 Giants in the World Series, all 7 struck out.The streak ended when batter number 8, Theriot, hit a bloop single leading off he 10th.
  • Via ESPN Stats and Info: Coke is the first pitcher in MLB history to record 7 straight strikeouts in single World Series.
  • I'm not upset at the Tigers nor do I hate the Giants. But FOX can die in a fire.
  • Emotional losing pitcher Phil Coke: "I didn't want to hear the words "losing pitcher" next to my name." "I got beat." "I can't say what my perspective was, because you can't say that on TV." "I'm in a weird spot, I'm happy but really pissed at the same time." "The game of baseball just kicked me in the butt."
  • Jim Leyland (who eyes had the look of someone who had been crying) on the FOX Network post game: "They beat us, they swept us, they were the better team." "There was nothing fluky about it." "I'm sure we broke a lot of hearts tonight." "We got beat."


The news isn't good.

It's a shame Infante's season ended shortly before the Tigers', but he'll have a full off season to recuperate.


The stiff breeze gets an assist on the Cabrera home run. If the scoreless streak had continued, I would have needed a stiff drink...or three.


This had to sting.


(Channels inner Don Cherry) Kids, don't do this, EVER.


Infante's season ends a half inning before the Tigers' did.


A picture says a thousand words.



Delmon Young: Was the only middle of the order bat to consistently produce in the series.Homered in what was likely his final appearance as a Tiger.

Max Scherzer: Despite only being able to throw in the low 90's, gutted out a quality start of 6 1/3 innings, 3 runs.

Octavio Dotel: Tossed 1 1/3 scoreless innings.


Phil Coke: Was the Tigers' best post season reliever and did not pitch badly in game 4. He got beat on a bloop, a bunt and a single which fell a few feet in front of Jackson.

Miguel Cabrera: Did not have a good series, but did end the Tigers' streak of scoreless innings with a wind-blown 2 run home run.


Prince Fielder: His hitting .071 in the series leaves a sour after taste to what was a marvelous season

Quintin Berry: Had a brutal series at the plate. Had a decent run as an extra outfielder, but he was exposed by the Giants. That blame goes on the Tigers' brain trust, not Berry.

Jhonny Peralta: His bat was worse than Fielder's in the series, hitting .067. Admittedly, he got unlucky, hitting a pair of fly balls which might have left the park on a hot summer day.


A nails Anibal Sanchez narrowly defeated depressed Bucket Hat Guy, Paws coming up well in the rear.