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Today's column in the News: Tigers' cold bats shouldn't have surprised us

The bats were cold. Yet the frustrations of the Tigers' offense during the World Series were not new. Read all about it in my column today in the Detroit News.

Ezra Shaw

I said before the World Series started that it was hard to see the Tigers losing four games with their rotation. If Detroit's lineup could scratch out two or three runs per game, there was going to be a parade in Detroit.

Unfortunately, the celebration is in San Francisco, because the bats went cold at the worst time.

Wednesday's column in the News -- we pushed it back a day due see how the World Series turned out; answer: not well, not well at all -- features what we were all kind of thinking but maybe didn't want to say: The TIgers' frozen bats probably shouldn't have surprised us.

Credit the San Francisco pitching staff, certainly. They stepped up and did a great job, just as the Tigers' pitching staff did during the ALDS and ALCS. Two teams want to win, and the Giants performed.

But there's another angle to consider: The Tigers' lineup struggled during the regular season, too. Even in the second half, heck, even in September, the Tigers managed to go through a four-game period where they could only score six total runs. Throughout the year, the Tigers frustrated us in all the same ways they did during the World Series.

In the end, they were done in by themselves.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski has a bit of work to keep those same frustrations from reappearing in 2013.