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Bless You Boys projects the ALDS results

BYB's writers and moderators weigh in on what team will win the ALDS series between Detroit and Oakland. You will not be surprised by the results.

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The Tigers are set to take on the A's Saturday in the first game of the ALDS. Naturally, we have some predictions for you. Naturally, you'll have some predictions for us in the comments, too, right? Great, I knew you would.

You would not be surprised to find all of BYB's staff members who submitted picks by Thursday night picked the Tigers. I bet if you head over to Athletics Nation they'd pick the A's.

Of course, we're righter than they are, so there!


Kurt, Tigers 3-1

I wrote before the season that I didn't think the Tigers had the team to go deep in the postseason. I spent most of this year figuring they'd find a way to get into the postseason, but would be the worst team there. Some might argue that's still the case. But I like Detroit's pitching staff too much and think the lineup can do enough to squeak by.

The potential is there for the A's to feel quite comfortable if they can just steal one of the two games in Detroit. But Oakland will find the momentum that carried it past Texas and to the AL West title will have been completely lost in the intervening days. Tigers will head to Oakland up, 2-0, drop the third game of the series, but finish the ALDS up in the fourth.

Ulcers will be an epidemic in Detroit.

Al, Tigers 3-0

Before the season started I predicted the Tigers would be a first round knockout. But, as they say, things change. So did the Tigers.

Thanks to the emergence of what is the best 4 man starting rotation of all the playoff teams, the fact Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder can supply enough offense to carry the team through a short series and a change in playoff format giving the Tigers their first 2 games at home, I'm going to use the blogger's prerogative to change my mind.

A 1-2-3 punch of Justin Verlander, Doug Fister and Max Scherzer send the A's down for the count. The rotation carries the Tigers into the ALCS via a sweep of the A's.

Rob, Tigers, 3-1

The Tigers make a mess of Bud Selig's new travel schedule by winning the first two games at Comerica. A poor offensive showing in Game 3 gets the A's back into the series, but Sanchez puts on a dazzling display in Game 4 to end the A's miracle run.

Alli, Tigers, 3-1

I really didn't have them making the ALCS when they got to the playoffs, but I dunno. I think maybe it's possible.

Patrick, Tigers, 3-2

Tigers in five. The Tiger rotation is the best of any playoff team, but the A's rotation has been working magic all season long with three rookie starters likely to start in the ALDS. Bartolo Colon and Brandon McCarthy are out, Brett Anderson is hoping to return. AJ Griffin has shown signs of slowing. The A's have patched together strong starts from young pitchers such as Jarrod Parker and Travis Blackley, but they're due to crash.

Rookie Josh Reddick has been slumping, but the A's lineup has been red hot in September. The Tigers will get good starting pitching and probably waste a good outing or two with lack of run support. The Tigers took the season series, 4- 3, and they should have enough in the end to advance and set up a rematch with the Yankees in the LCS.

Les, Tigers, 3-1

Scherzer struggles to find his rhythm on the road against Oakland's lefty bats, but standout performances by Verlander, Fister and Sánchez bring an end to a season that should nevertheless make every A's fan proud. Don Kelly, trolling Rogo, wizards another home run.


Tigers in 6! Wait...what?

Numbers, Tigers, 3-1, I think?

Game 1: I figure Verlander will start and strike out 15 A's; Delmon Young hits a ball and Don Kelly pinch runs and scores the winning run.

Game 2: Doug Fister continues his post season dominance for the Tigers and is surprised to see 5 runs scored for him. Oakland scores 3 off of Valverde. I sigh and curse closers.

Game 3: Oakland takes this game because I figure they'll win one game. Benoit gives up 10 home runs on 8 pitches (one is hit so hard it circumnavigates the Earth and counts for 3 home runs)

Game 4: Prince Fielder remembers he can use a bat and wins the game by bludgeoning the baseball. The police rule it as self defense.

Melissa is yet to provide picks.