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Bless You Boys Podcast 59: Stupid Boston!

Kurt, Al and Alli preview the ALDS, reflect on Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown and ask why sabermatricians hate 'normal' fans.

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Kurt and Alli return for this week's Bless You Boys Podcast, joining Al to preview the Detroit Tigers vs the Oakland Athletics in the ALDS, reflect on Miguel Cabrera accomplishing what was thought no longer possible, winning a Triple Crown, and ask why sabermatricians with a bully pulpit despise "normal" fans.

BYB Podcast 59 had a running time of 1:10 and features Kurt Mensching, Al Beaton and Allison Hagen.


  • We didn't expect to be talking playoffs 2 weeks ago. Yet here we are preparing for the ALDS.
  • Does the 2-3 format for the ALDS work in the Tigers' favor?
  • What scares you about the A's?
  • Are the A's just happy to be in the playoffs?
  • The state of the Tigers as they head into the playoffs.
  • Who makes the ALDS roster?
  • Brennan Boesch? Really?
  • Rick Porcello or Drew Smyly?
  • Anyone trust Brayan Villarreal in a high leverage situation?
  • Tigers or A's, who moves on the ALCS?
  • Anyone else get the nagging feeling Cabrera's remarkable accomplishment isn’t getting the accolades it deserves?
  • What's next for Cabrera?
  • What’s more annoying? Media members who dismiss advanced metrics despite not knowing a damn thing about them or sabermatricians/internet writers who think those who aren’t interested in advanced stats are knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons...which describes the attitudes anyone who writes for Fangraphs. Baseball Prospectus, Baseball Think Factory, Keith Law and Brian Kenny, to name a vocal few.
  • What hath Bill James wrought? I loved his Baseball Abstracts. I don't love being told what is the "correct" way to watch baseball, which is what many of the new breed of sabermatricians revel in doing.
  • Advanced stats should be enlightening and expand horizons, not used as a weapon to attack those with differing opinions.
  • Want fans to buy into sabermetrics? Don't talk down to them or belittle their beliefs.
  • The Boston Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine. BWAHAHAHA! Should have hired Gene Lamont.
  • Terry Francona is just using the Cleveland Indians.
  • Text Allison at your peril during Saturday's game! She'll be on a score embargo for a couple of hours.
  • The AL MVP is Miguel Cabrera.
  • Tigers fans better be consistent, for better or worse. Don't trash advanced metrics to make Miguel Cabrera's MVP case, then use them make a Cy Young case for Justin Verlander.

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