A quick guide to Tigers Internet fandom memes and BYB in-jokes

We're in the midst of the playoff influx of casual Tigers fans and visiting fans of other teams. Welcome, we think we've got a nice place here. To help improve your BYB experience, here's a quick rundown of some of the memes, in-jokes and shorthand you'll see fly past you in the gamethreads and on Twitter, if you start following some of the regular commenters here.

Thanks to Grey, the always-entertaining (and always-Tweeting) @spacemnkymafia, for starting the ball rolling on this on Twitter tonight. Many of these came out of his fevered mind. Jeff @HighOPS Morford and David @TokarzOnTigers Tokarz also contributed some reminders this evening.

* #philcokefingerpoint - Phil Coke likes to alert his fielders to the presence of pop flies

* #twinshit - Any dinky BS hit juuuust over the head of an infielder.

* ROZAY - Thanks to his walkup music, an exclamation of approval and surprise when Delmon Young does something worthwhile

* "Elmon" - Used when Delmon is bad in the field. Because he has no "D," get it?

* "Elmn" - Used when he's bad at the plate, because he has no "O" either.

* #AustinJacksonStrikesOut - Dates back to last season. Mostly deprecated.

* The Cleaner - Austin Jackson, the current version, who likes to clean runners off the basepaths with extra-base hits.

* Ondyder - Andy Dirks

* The Neck - Also Andy Dirks. If the Hypnoneck gif makes an appearance, you may not get to sleep that evening.

* "Si or no?" or just "Siiiiiiiii!" or even "Si, motherf**ker" - Cabrera home run. Dates back to spring training batting practice.

* "He say he love to hit" - Cabrera quote from a Fox Sports Detroit ad.

* /MLive - Mocking the really horrific quality of commenters at the web properties, which is a shame because they've got some damn fine Tigers beat writers there.

* Happy Verday - It's a holiday, every fifth day. When you get...

* #MustSeeJV - Justin Verlander starts, unless

* Jason Verlander - His evil, poorly-pitching twin shows up.

* #Boesched - Brennan Boesch tried to play baseball, and failed again.

* No Drama Papa - A plea (often futile) for Jose Valverde not to have the...

* #obligatoryValverdebaserunner, which sometimes leads to the...

* #potatocoaster and its attendant ups, downs and nausea.

* Our Savior - Alex Avila. Can't remember why. Also, any reference to his really spectacular ability to grow facial hair between innings.

* G$ - Shorthand for "G-Money," which has almost become Gerald Laird's legal name.

* Nice area - Said of any geographical location, in the fashion of Tigers radio color man Jim Price

* Any whords whith ehxtraneous "H's" - Reference to Jhonny Peralta, who claims that the rest of us spell our names incorrectly.

* The Wizard - Don Kelly. Often specified as "Fielding Wizard" or "Hitting Wizard" or even "Pitching Wizard."

* CRAM IT HAWK - Reference to White Sox homer announcer Hawk Harrelson. Not meant with love.

* Donner - BYB Managing Editor' Kurt Mensching's half-ton puppy. We like the dog better than we like Kurt.

* Blue Eye/Brown Eye Max - SP Max Scherzer has one blue eye and one brown eye. No, really. It's a medical condition and everything. We believe that he pitches well when using the blue eye and poorly when using the brown eye.

* Yes, we've made every joke there is to make about fisting thanks to Doug Fister. You should have been here when he was traded for Charlie Furbush.

* The Alaskan Gascan - Not that he's going to be on the roster, but I've always loved this nickname for Daniel Schlereth.

* #buntingwinschampionships - Pretty much always meant sarcastically. The BYB hive mind is not a fan of the bunt.

* "Can he play second?" - Said about pretty much any person ever until the Tigers picked up Omar Infante.

* Toledo's Favorite Son - Danny Worth. Got called up and sent down so many times even he lost track. Fan favorite for his good humor about the whole thing, plus he plays Words With Friends with fans.

And, of course, things that don't go over well here:

* Any reference to Leyland as "Smokey" or intentional misspelling of his name.

* Intentional misspelling of "Rayburn" or "Rabum." Wasn't funny or original the first million times.

* Calling for a player to be cut without explaining who's going to take their place and why they're better. Bonus points for not assuming that the Rangers will trade us Elvis Andrus for Brennan Boesch and a bullpen catcher.

Editor's note: Calling for anyone on the BYB staff to be fired is an exception, with bonus points doled out for name creativity. --Rob

* Any reference to John Smoltz. There's actually a law about it.

* Any reference to your fantasy team.

I'm sure other BYBers will chip in in the comments. Welcome to BYB, if you don't suck please feel free to stick around.

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