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Torii Hunter confirmed to be in Detroit in order to meet with Tigers

Multiple sources confirm Torii Hunter is in Detroit and will meet with the Tigers today.

Rick Yeatts

The rumors swirling around the Tigers and Torii Hunter are reaching a fever pitch.

The last time Hunter was a free agent, he signed before Thanksgiving. He's apparently on track to do so again.

On Monday, Hunter told the MLB Network he wants to decide on a destination with 2 weeks, that team needs to be a World Series contender who can play him everyday and be willing to sign him for at least 2 years.

The Tigers fit Hunter's criteria to a T.

With the Yankees and Dodgers dropping out of the Hunter sweepstakes, the Tigers and Rangers are now considered the front runners for the services of the 37 year old free agent outfielder. But today's reports imply the Tigers are pulling ahead in the race to sign Hunter.

Today, Fox Sports Jon Morosi tweeted a report which put Tigers fans on high alert:

Morosi has also reported the Tigers are prepared to offer Hunter a multi-year contract.

This is more than the former Tigers beat writer throwing crap against the wall to see what sticks.'s Jason Beck confirms Hunter is in town to talk turkey.

Unless his demands are completely unreasonable, you have to believe the Tigers won't let Hunter leave town without signing a contract.