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SBN Awards: Justin Verlander, R.A. Dickey voted Pichers of the Year

The was no surprise in the AL voting, but the NL award came down to a difference of 3 points.

Jonathan Daniel

Near the end of the regular season, Kurt, SB Nation's baseball writers and I all got together (virtually, anyway) to cast our votes for end-of-season awards. We'll be announcing them this week, just as the Baseball Writers Association will be announcing its awards.

Monday we posted SBNation's Rookies of the Year; Mike Trout in the AL and Bryce Harper in the NL. Today, we announce SBNation's Pitcher of the Year in the AL and NL.

In what Tigers fans hope is a precursor to Wednesday's BBWAA Cy Young vote, 2011 Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander was a runaway winner in the AL voting. Verlander, the league leader in innings and strikeouts, took 23 of 26 first place votes, placing in the top 3 on every ballot.

The AL leader in ERA, David Price of the Rays, placed 2nd (taking 2 first place votes), the Mariners "King" Felix Hernandez was 3rd. The remaining first place vote went to 20 game winner Jered Weaver, but the Angels ace placed 5th, behind White Sox rookie Chris Sale.

Max Scherzer's trio of 5th place votes pushed him into the top ten, finishing in a tie for 8th place.

AL Pitcher Of The Year

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers 23 1 2

David Price Tampa Bay Rays 2 17 7

Felix Hernandez Seattle Mariners
6 11 7 1 72
Chris Sale Chicago White Sox

4 10 4 36
Jered Weaver Los Angeles Angels 1
2 3 4 23
Fernando Rodney Tampa Bay Rays
3 4 18
Matt Harrison Texas Rangers

1 3 5
CC Sabathia New York Yankees

1 1 3
Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers

3 3
Yu Darvish Texas Rangers

3 3
Jim Johnson Baltimore Orioles

Hiroki Kuroda New York Yankees

1 1
Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

1 1
James Shields Tampa Bay Rays

1 1

The NL side of the ledger was much, much closer.

Mets knuckle-baller R.A Dickey, a 20 game winner, narrowly out polled NL ERA leader Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers, 157-154. Dickey's 13 first place votes to Kershaw's 11 was ultimately the difference.

The Nationals' Gio Gonzalez, Johnny Cueto of the Reds and the Phillies Cliff Lee filled out the top 5.

NL Pitcher Of The Year

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
R.A. Dickey New York Mets 13 11 6 2
Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers 11 12 8 2 1 154
Gio Gonzalez Washington Nationals 9 7 7 6 5 129
Johnny Cueto Cincinnati Reds 2 4 7 8 6 73
Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies

5 4 3 26
Matt Cain San Francisco Giants

1 5 4 17
Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies
3 5 15
Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves

1 2 6 13
Wade Miley Arizona Diamondbacks

3 1 7
Kris Medlen Atlanta Braves

3 3
Lance Lynn St. Louis Cardinals

1 1

Coming up on Thursday is SBNation's Player of the Year. That will be an interesting vote, to say the very least.