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Tigers links: Raburn could fit with the Marlins; Porcello primed to rebound

Could Ryan Raburn be a good fit for the Marlins? (Hey, why not?) Is Rick Porcello ready to make that improvement so many expect? Is T.J. Simers still a dick? All those links and more in Monday's Tigers links as we all get back to work after a long holiday weekend.

Scott Boehm

Tigers land:

Former Tigers utilityman Ryan Raburn could be a fit with Miami Marlins
James Schmehl, MLive

Miami's looking for low-risk, high-reward players. That does seem to describe Raburn. If he's good, he's great. If he's not, he's awful.

In favor of instant replay
Garret Craig, Motor City Bengals

Garret weighs in on the replay controversy. Just, please baseball, make sure it makes more sense than what the NFL did to the Lions on Thanksgiving. "Well, you know, we were going to review it, but sorry, the rules say we can't because you want us to." Facepalm, NFL. Show 'em how it's done, MLB!

I didn't kill a turkey today
Jen, Old English D

Jen didn't east turkey for Thanksgiving, but she did write a blog post about her favorite memories of the season.

Ready to rebound in 2013
Dave Cameron, Fangraphs (at ESPN Insider (sub req (i <3 parenteses)))

The Detroit Pistons Rick Porcello was one of the players Fangraphs' Dave Cameron highlighted as being a breakout candidate next year.

Filling the gap between runs scored and RBI
Lee Panas, Tiger Tales

Lee delves into the history of the RBI and suggests the "runs assisted" statistic. No Tiger made the top 10 in the stat, but three 2013 Tigers were all in a row just outside of it.

With Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez in lineup, Tigers' Prince Fielder could be due for MVP season
John Lowe, Free Press

Three Tigers winning MVP awards in a row would really piss off the rest of baseball, and if RBI were involved, the sabermetric community. That could be pretty fun.

Catching up
Detroit Tigers Snark, Rogo

Rogo is back, and he's got some things to say about all that excitement that when on when he was gone. Also, when he got done writing about Bless You Boys, he had something to say about the Tigers, too, I think. I may have just read the parts about how awesome we are. Speaking of Raburn, he defends Detroit's most dislikeable redneck. Not Kid Rock. Raburn.


T.J. Simers, Jim Mora butt heads at UCLA press conference
Kurt Mensching, SB Nation

I provide this article as evidence that not everything I write at is 10 words to go with a GIF. Also, because Simers was a dick to Marcus Thames in the past, and he's one of my favorite former Tigers. When members of the media act that prickish, it makes me wonder why organizations have no problem letting him into a press conference but often turn bloggers away. Maybe the bloggers could show Simers how to act professional.