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Detroit Tigers Links: Evan Longoria's Contract Extension & Rick Porcello's Breakout Potential

Anibal Sanchez's contract status is still a mystery (no spoilers here), Evan Longoria re-signs with the Tampa Bay Rays, and Rick Porcello is poised for a breakout 2013 season. These stories and another reason to laugh at the Royals in today's Morning Prowl.


Big TV Deals Not Destroying Baseball
Motor City Bengals, Chris Hannum
If a big TV deal means that Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander stay in Detroit until they retire, then sign me up.

Detroit Tigers award 48 full shares from playoff bonus pool of more than $15 million
MLive, Chris Iott
Speaking of extra income for those contract extensions...

Free-agent matchmaker: Anibal Sanchez
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
Yeah, I'll take that deal.

Rick Porcello is poised to bounce back in 2013
ESPN Insider, Dave Cameron
For those with an Insider subscription -- seriously, you can find them for dirt cheap on the web -- you can also laugh at Jim Bowden suggesting that Delmon Young is an underrated free agent.

Let Us Create Exciting Rumors Regarding Kelly Shoppach
Walkoff Woodward, Josh Worn
Here's one: Shoppach goes anywhere but Detroit. Sorry Doc.

Tigers stars share shots from camera phones on Twitter
The Detroit News
This just in: athletes take pictures of boring stuff on Twitter (and Justin Verlander is a bad golfer).

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Royals Interested In Shields, Lester
MLBTradeRumors, Steve Adams
Dayton Moore is the Randy Smith of the Kansas City Royals. Trading Wil Myers for pretty much anyone not named Mike Trout or Bryce Harper is beyond stupid.

Tampa Bay Rays extend Evan Longoria until 2023
DRaysBay, Jason Collette
I don't know what Andrew Friedman is slipping into Longoria's drinks, but the Tigers could use some of it for Anibal Sanchez.

Nolan Ryan is writing a cookbook
HardballTalk, Aaron Gleeman
If this doesn't include a "Robin Ventura pound cake" then I will be very disappointed.