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Bless You Boys Podcast 65: The Ryan Raburn era is over

Say hello to Torii Hunter, wave goodbye to Ryan Raburn, and monger rumors with Stephen Drew and Rafael Soriano on this week's BYB Podcast!

Jamie Squire

Al and Kurt welcome back former managing editor Ian Casselberry, lead MLB writer for Bleacher Report's Horsehide Chronicles, on this edition of the Bless You Boys Podcast.

BYB Podcast 65 and a running time of 1:14 and features Kurt Mensching, Al Beaton and Ian Casselberry


  • Kurt rips LA Times hack T.J. Simers.
  • Torii Hunter does all the leg work in order to become the newest member of the Detroit Tigers.
  • Will Hunter be as good of a fit on the field as it looks to be on paper?
  • Why not sign Melky Cabrera or one of the other free agent options?
  • Can you learn to love a former Twin?
  • Rumor mongering: Stephen Drew and Jhonny Peralta.
  • Would signing Drew be a lateral move, at best?
  • Rumor mongering: Rafael Soriano.
  • Is Scott Boras attempting an end around past Dave Dombrowski to directly hit up Mike Ilitch for a deal?
  • The Tigers have several in-house closer candidates, including the much hyped Bruce Rondon. The money it would take to sign Soriano would be better used elsewhere...but does Ilitch want a big name?
  • Rumor mongering: Corner outfield.
  • Which outfielders are on the Tigers' free agent radar?
  • Would you be content opening the season with Andy Dirks as the full-time left fielder?
  • The Ryan Raburn era is over, as are numerous BYB memes.
  • The Winter Meetings are nigh. Will the Tigers make some noise? Will it be a LOUD noise?
  • A full post season share for a member of the Tigers is $284,275.50, about half the minimum MLB salary. Nice coin for a month's work for guys like Quintin Berry.
  • The Dodgers have agreed to a local cable TV contract with Fox Sports which is worth $6 BILLION. With their FSD deal up in a few years, this bodes well for the Tigers' financial future.
  • The man who changed baseball (and sports as a whole) forever as head of the MLBPA in the 60’s and 70’s, Marvin Miller, passed away on Tuesday. Miller's influence on baseball is at the level of a Jackie Robinson, yet he is not in the Hall of Fame.

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