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Tigers release 2013 spring training schedule

The American League champions announce their Grapefruit League schedule for 2013.


The days have become short, cold and dark in Detroit. We're now closer to Christmas than we are to end of the 2012 season. Baseball news is still being made, but it's by general mangers and player agents. The next time the we'll see the creamy white uniforms emblazoned with the Olde English D on a field of green is months away.

But this news should help you get though those off season doldrums -- The Detroit Tigers have announced their 2013 Grapefruit League schedule.

Mark the following date on your calenders: February 22nd. That is the Tigers' first game of 2013, as they take on the Atlanta Braves at Disney World.

The Tigers' Lakeland opener is the following afternoon, February 23rd. The reigning American League champs will take on the new look Toronto Blue Jays.

Detroit Tigers 2013 spring training schedule:

Fri. Feb. 22: Atlanta, Disney World, 1:05

Sat. Feb. 23: Toronto, Lakeland, 1:05

Sun. Feb. 24: Philadelphia, Lakeland, 1:05

Mon. Feb. 25: Philadelphia, Clearwater, 1:05

Tues. Feb. 26: Houston (Split squad), Kissimmee, TBA

Wed. Feb. 27: Atlanta, Lakeland, 1:05

Thurs. Feb. 28: Tampa Bay, Port Charlotte, 1:05

Fri. March 1: New York Mets, Port St. Lucie, 1:10

Sat. March 2:
Pittsburgh, Lakeland, 1:05

New York Yankees, Tampa, 1:05

Sun. March 3: Atlanta, Disney World, 1:05

Mon. March 4: Houston, Lakeland, 1:05

Tues. March 5: Tigers minor leaguers vs. Western Michigan University, TBA

Wed. March 6: Toronto, Lakeland, 1:05

Thurs. March 7: Atlanta, Disney World, 6:05

Fri. March 8: New York Mets, Lakeland, 1:05

Sat. March 9:
Toronto, Dunedin, 1:05

Sun. March 10:
Washington, Lakeland, 1:05

Mon. March 11: New York Mets, Lakeland, 1:05

Tues. March 12: Philadelphia, Clearwater, 1:05

Wed. March 13: Florida Southern, Lakeland, 1:05

Thurs. March 14: New York Mets, Port St. Lucie, 1:10

Fri. March 15: Toronto, Lakeland, 1:05

Sat. March 16: St. Louis, Jupiter, 1:05

Sun. March 17:
Washington, Lakeland, 1:05

Mon. March 18:
Washington, Viera, 1:05

Tues. March 19: Tampa Bay, Lakeland, 1:05

Thurs. March 21: Houston, Lakeland, 6:05

Fri. March 22: Washington, Viera, 1:05

Sat. March 23: New York Yankees, Lakeland, 1:05

Sun. March 24: New York Mets (Split squad), Port St. Lucie, 1:10

Mon. March 25: Miami, Jupiter, 1:05

Tues. March 26: Atlanta, Lakeland, 1:05

Wed. March 27: Philadelphia, Lakeland, 1:05

Thu. March 28: Houston (Split squad), Kissimmee, TBA

Fri. March 29: Tampa Bay, Lakeland, 1:05

Sat. March 30: Tampa Bay, Port Charlotte, 1:05

Opening Day is in Minnesota on Monday, April 1st.

So who is heading to Lakeland this spring? Let's hear from you in the comments!