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Delmon Young: The 'Office Space' season review

PC load letter? What the F does that mean? Delmon Young isn't going to spend any time worrying about the cover page on his TPS reports. He's just going to swing the bat at every pitch he sees, and he doesn't care what you think.


Every season, we take a look at how players performed during the past season. Rather than giving out grades, I thought we'd shake it up a little bit. So this is the first post in a series of Office Space season reviews. I promise the other writers are better at this than me. Enjoy. - Kurt

Delmon Young

What would you say you do around here?

During Delmon Young's first full season as a Detroit Tiger, we learned why a trail of frustrated fans follow in his wake. Batting in the fifth spot in the lineup, he seldom saw a pitch he didn't want to swing at, and his poor approach at the plate played right into opponents' hands. Young hit into double plays and failed to get the run home far too often, which is a real shame considering he was batting behind Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.

About the nicest thing you can say about Young's play in the regular season is that he grudgingly accepted his role as designated hitter. So at least his circuitous routes in left field didn't cost the Tigers greatly for most of the year.

TPS reports

.267 average, .296 on-base percentage, .411 slugging average
89 OPS+
18 HR
74 RBI

Pieces of flair

Young had a great postseason. His play really was a huge part of the Tigers' making it to the World Series. He now holds the franchise's record for postseason home runs, which speaks as much about Young's well-timed surge as it does about how seldom the organization's players had multiple runs in October.

I believe you have my stapler

With the return of DH Victor Martinez from a year lost to injury, Young will not be on the Tigers' payroll in 2013. Despite the great postseason runs he had for the club, his inability to consistently deliver during the regular season will not be missed by the fans.

Office Space-esque quote:

On swinging at every pitch: "Why should I change? He's the one who sucks."