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Miguel Cabrera earns Player Choice awards

For the second consecutive year, a Detroit Tiger was named Player of the Year by his peers. Miguel Cabrera earned both the overall and the A.L. awards during the Players' Choice awards show on Monday.

Ed Zurga

The players have spoken, and Miguel Cabrera earned both the Player of the Year award and the American League Outstanding Player award during the Players Choice Awards show on Monday. Cabrera beat out Angels outfielder Mike Trout for both awards. Balloting was conducted in September.

Trout won the players' rookie award for the AL, David Price took home the AL's pitching award and Adam Dunn was named the comeback player of the year for the AL.

The media will have their say soon enough as well, and Cabrera will almost certainly add an MVP trophy to his case as well at that time.

On his way to the award, Cabrera earned the first Triple Crown in 45 years, hitting for a .330 average, with 44 home runs and 139 RBI

This makes back-to-back years that Tigers won the Player of the Year title from their peers. Verlander earned the 2011 title, as well as the year's AL pitching award.