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Detroit Tigers Links: Mariners interested in Brennan Boesch & more Justin Upton trade rumors

The Seattle Mariners are interested in Brennan Boesch, the Tampa Bay Rays wanted Avisail Garcia for James Shields, and Justin Upton probably won't be traded (for now). These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

David Maxwell

Mariners have had trade talks for Tigers’ Brennan Boesch
HardballTalk, Drew Silva
Please let this happen.

Were the Detroit Tigers Prepared To Ship Out Nick Castellanos For James Shields?
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder
It's all moot now, but would you have given up Avisail Garcia for two guaranteed years of James Shields?

Tigers Rule 5 acquisition Jeff Kobernus, the 'new Kelly,' will get his shot
The Detroit News, Kurt Mensching
Kurt's News article from yesterday.

Paging Scott Boras: Detroit Tigers, Rafael Soriano should come together on one-year contract
MLive, Josh Slagter
How about no?

Tigers' season-ticket prices rising; no word on individual game rates
The Detroit News, Tony Paul

"Regardless, the Tigers still say their average ticket price will remain below the Major League Baseball median, despite back-to-back AL Central championships and a trip to the World Series."

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Diamondbacks now unlikely to trade Justin Upton
HardballTalk, Drew Silva
I'm pretty sure I linked this exact same article two months ago.

Indians Bet on Trevor Bauer
FanGraphs Baseball, Dave Cameron

"Yes, Bauer’s exceedingly young, and his ability to rack up strikeouts in the minors is a strong positive sign for his future. But, the list of similar pitchers who got to the big leagues at age 21 despite problems with their command show that this is an issue that is not always easily remedied."

The Royals' 2013 rotation could be their best in ages
Baseball Nation, Marc Normandin
"Best in years" isn't saying much. They are still far below the Tigers' rotation.