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Drew Smyly or Rick Porcello? My column in the News

I wrote a column. You can go read it, please and thank you very much.

Jamie Squire

A year ago, I'd never have dreamed that I'd have a column in a newspaper ever again, let alone a major one like the Detroit News. So writing a column to run on Christmas Day was just surreal. Alas, that is the life I live now!

Shying away from anything with a holiday tie-in -- Wojo went with the typical gift-giving column similar to what Patrick wrotefor us this wee -- I just decided to explore whether Drew Smyly was really ready to take over a spot in the rotation.

His rise through the minors and into a spot in the rotation out of spring training in 2012 was, as they say, meteoric. But he also appeared to wear down, battled a number of injuries, and went from an amazingly hot start to a rather mundane middle that even resulted in a large chunk of time spent in Toledo. But Smyly ended the season quite well and went on to a memorable postseason for all the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Rick Porcello continues to plod along as old reliable.

So, I wrote a column, and a lot of people read it and some even think I'm an idiot.

Yep, welcome to my life.