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Rumor mongering: Tigers have either insulted or are in a dialog with Anibal Sanchez, no longer interested in Scott Hairston

The latest rumors out of the Winter Meetings have the Tigers offering Anibal Sanchez an insulting contract and Scott Hairston being deemed too expensive to sign.


The rumors are flying fast and furious out of Nashville's MLB Winter Meetings.

CBS Sports' Jon Heyman tweets the Tigers offered their free agent starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez a 4 year, $48 million contract, Sanchez's agent replied the offer was an "insult" to his client. (Though most of us would LOVE to be insulted to the tune of $48 million)

Before you completely write off Sanchez returning to Detroit, beat writer Jason Beck counters Heyman's report, his sources claiming the story is "not accurate." Beck does admit the parties aren't close, but there is an ongoing dialog.

Reports have Sanchez is looking for a long-term deal worth north of $90 million. Considering the Sanchez and the Tigers are over $40 million apart, a crazy money offer isn't coming from the Tigers. Danny Knobler, also of CBS Sports, claims the normally frugal to the point of being non-competitive Royals are shopping for a top of the rotation pitcher and could be targeting Sanchez.

Knobler is also refuting today's earlier rumors which had the Tigers targeting Mets free agent outfielder Scott Hairston as a right-hand platoon bat. Knobler writes the Tigers have decided Hairston is too expensive and will be looking for a cheaper option to platoon with Andy Dirks in left field.

One more rumor for good measure. Peter Gammons refueled the Rafael Soriano to the Tigers talk while on MLB Network's live Winter Meeting coverage. Gammons said it's obvious the Yankees aren't going to bring Soriano back and the Tigers, being in "win now" mode, make the most sense as a landing spot.