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Rumor mongering: Tigers do not want Rafael Soriano, mystery team pursues Anibal Sanchez, Mariners interested in Brennan Boesch

The Tigers confirm they have no interest in Rafael Soriano and are willing to wait out the market on Anibal Sanchez. Brennan Boesch is the very poor man's Josh Hamilton in the eyes of the Mariners.

Dave Reginek

The Tigers were MLB Winter Meetings rumor central on Monday. But mum's the word today, the Tigers have been linked to nary a soul.'s Peter Gammons puts the kibosh on Rafael Soriano to the Tigers rumors.

Moving on...

There is a small update on the Anibal Sanchez front, but little of substance.

USA Today's Bob Nightengale is reporting the hottest free agent name is the Tigers' free agent starter, with the Angels, Dodgers, Royals, Red Sox, and a mysterious "mystery team" mysteriously joining the Tigers in pursuit of Sanchez.

The Detroit News' Tony Paul writes Sanchez's representatives are being wildly optimistic with their $90+ million contract demands, and the Tigers would rightfully walk away at that price. But the reported $48 million the Tigers may or may not have offered Sanchez is far from an insult, either. Paul believes Sanchez will will ultimately settle for a contract in the range of $56-60 million, a far more realistic number and one the Tigers could afford.

The Tigers are going to wait out the market on Sanchez, one which will grow smaller as teams move in other directions (such as the Nationals singing Dan Haren). Once Zack Greinke makes a decision, the free agent starting pitcher dominoes could fall quickly.

The only other rumor at the moment deals with the much maligned Brennan Boesch. It's been long known the Tigers are more than willing to deal Boesch. If the Mariners fail in persuading Josh Hamilton to sign to play in the pacific northwest (keep in mind they are the longest of long shots in inking the serial bat tosser), CBS Sports' Danny Knobler says the M's see Boesch as a fall back option.

Josh Hamilton or Brennan Boesch? In the eyes of Mariners fans, I would imagine that's like choosing between filet mignon or possum roadkill for dinner.