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SB Nation Mock GM: Tigers sign Jeremy Guthrie to 3-year deal

The Fake Tigers continued to put together their 2013 roster this afternoon, signing Fake Jeremy Guthrie to a three year contract. According to Fake Jon Heyman, the deal is worth $24 million and includes a fourth year team option worth $10 million.

Fake GM Rob Rogacki said this to reporters:

"We like what Fake Guthrie brings to the table, especially at what we believe to be a pretty fair price. While we were upset that we were not able to bring back Anibal Sanchez, we think this deal gives us a bit more payroll flexibility going forward. We would like to welcome Fake Jeremy and his fake family to Detroit as we pursue a Fake World Championship.

With the recent changes in the Fake Tigers' outfield, Guthrie should feel right at home in spacious Comerica Park. He struggled last season with the Real Colorado Rockies, but bounced back nicely after being traded to the Real Kansas City Royals.

When asked if the team's rotation was set in stone for 2013, Rogacki responded by saying that "we're always looking for bargains," but that the team is "happy with Drew Smyly as our fifth starter."