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MLB Winter Meetings: Day Two

More dispatches from Allison Hagen at the MLB Winter Meetings

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allison hagen

So, Day 2 at the Winter Meetings. Otherwise known as the day almost everyone is hungover because they never learn: Everyone still goes to the bar Monday night and drinks way too much and stays up way too late for a grueling week like this, because they're excited to hang out with people they never see. I also think the recirculated air in this place has some sort of properties that break down your system. You've heard it a million times: "Oh, I did not have that much to drink". But I really didn't, and I still felt like crap, so whatever. The best part of the bar that night was Jim Leyland and Bruce Bochy hanging out like the old pals that they are. You have to imagine that even though it's the Winter Meetings, both guys had about 900% less stress coursing through their veins than the last time they shook hands.

I got an admittedly late start, but everything was pretty quiet anyway. I honestly had no idea what to do with myself and I had already trolled around near the media area plenty on Sunday and Monday. Finally, a gracious friend offered me her pass to attend the Baseball Trade Show. This is where team buyers, marketing and promotional directors (mostly minor league), and coaches go to check out what kind of cool stuff is available. It's fun because there's everything from custom mascot manufacturers to different brands of AstroTurf. Here's a sampling:


High sox!


Foam fingers!


Mascot Factory!


Product of said Mascot Factory!


Sports Fan Wigs (seriously, they're just called Sports Fan Wigs)!


Dapper Sports Fan Wig model (that's my boyfriend Craig, thanks for posing)

And last but certainly not least..



Other activities for me yesterday included watching aforementioned boyfriend be on TV, and a surreal email chain dictating my dinner plans from Jonah Keri (a large group of us went to The Pharmacy, it was fun and pretty good).

Another activity that wasn't yesterday but should be noted: MLB's security cannot stop me, they can only hope to contain me.


On Monday I sat in the media room writing the other post I put on BYB and enjoying/laughing at Brian Cashman's press conference. I haven't really tried to get in since then, I'm told there's now someone checking badges most of the time. At this point, between 2011 and this year, I've lost count of how many things I've gotten into that I'm not supposed to be at. When a friend asked how the trip is going, my first response was "just trolling around" and I that's about as close to the truth as it gets. Oh well. If I can't be legit, I might as well do all the harmless trolling I can.

Hopefully I'll have more for you guys before I leave tomorrow afternoon. It'd also be cool if some interesting signings or trades happen. Pretty boring on that front so far. I'm still derping around on twitter, so follow or @ reply me with anything I might've missed so far.