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Put Michael Heidner in the MLB FanCave!

Contrary to what people think, the MLB Fan Cave has never once sounded like something I'd want to be involved with. "But you like baseball! You write about baseball!" Both true contentions. But there's absolutely no way I would want to be cooped up in New York City -- heck, any city -- for the summer and early fall months watching 2000+ games. For me, it would be like one of those parenting tactics where if you're caught smoking a cigarette your dad says, "You like cigarettes? Here, smoke a case while I sit here and watch," until you never want to see a cigarette again. (Does that really happen or just on TV?) I'd go nuts.

I think anyone who entered the FanCave contest is going to be a lot different kind of a fan than I am. I don't own jerseys or T-shirts or bobbleheads or anything beyond one Tigers cap and one A's cap. For me, sports is just, well, sports. Entertaining. An excuse to write daily and something to analyse. Baseball is a great way to pass an evening. It's an important part of life, or I wouldn't spend so many hours on the blog. But it certainly is not tops on my list. For the FanCave entrants, I suspect baseball is life and nothing could be better.

Fifty finalists were recently announced, so now it's time for the rest of us to weigh in with our favorites. You can see the entire list (along with their videos) below the video here. One of the contestants, a BYB reader named Michael Heidner, e-mailed to ask for my support, so I thought I'd check out all the folks who listed the Tigers as their team to see whether or not I should get involved.

Mike's video was easily the funniest of the bunch, and one particular scene -- watch it and I bet you'll know the one -- totally won me over. I think Mike would fit into the FanCave perfectly and hopefully bring a nice Tigers feel to things as well.

So Mike, I don't know if there's any BYB bounce or not. But I'm throwing our support behind you. Good luck in the contest.

The rest of you: Don't just take my word for it -- take a look at all the videos if you have the time. I think the choice will be pretty easy after you do.