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Yoenis Cespedes signs with Oakland A's (Updated)

I've got some stuff to do this afternoon away from the computer, so hopefully my fellow BYB folks -- of which there are approximately 1,000 writers now on staff -- will update this as necessary.

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports:

Susan Slusser confirms that, saying:

Welp, I'm speechless. I guess the shorter number of years offered by Oakland must have made the difference when most teams were talking about six-year deals worth up to $40 million.

UPDATE 3 p.m.'s Jason Beck spoke with Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski and has a nice post up at his blog.

Key quote:

"We liked him," Dombrowski told Monday in a phone interview. "We talked contract with him, but we were not in a position to pay for him the amount they wanted."