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Drew Smyly, Jonathan Sanchez, and an Immature Bryce Harper - Morning Prowl

There's not a lot of news going around today, but that should all change in three days...

Detroit Links:

Drew Smyly May Be Tigers' Best Option for Fifth Spot - Motor City Bengals, John Parent
While Smyly seems the most composed of the conglomerate of arms vying for the Tigers' 5th starter spot, I'd actually argue that Andrew Oliver is the most MLB-ready in terms of pure talent and "stuff" (yeah yeah, blasphemy and all). Be sure to check back in a few hours for Oliver's profile from Tigerdog1.

What Can You Actually Expect from Ryan Raburn? - Walk Off Woodward, Josh Worn
Doc profiles the always mercurial Ryan Raburn, who is anywhere from amazing to terrible, depending on the BYB commenter you're asking.

FOX announces five Detroit Tigers games to be regionally televised, blackouts expected - MLive, James Schmehl
You know those Saturdays that everyone hates because you can't watch the Tigers game due to stupid blackout rules? Well, there's at least five of them already scheduled. Best idea for alternative entertainment in those game threads wins an "Adam Dunn 2011 Batting Title Champion" t-shirt.

ESPN ranks Tigers No. 12 for five-year success outlook - The Detroit News
It looks like ESPN fails to realize that you can re-sign guys like Justin Verlander, Alex Avila, and Doug Fister when their contracts expire. Otherwise, this ranking is a joke.

104-year-old metro Detroit woman who attended first Tigers game last year dies - Detroit Free Press, Joe Rossiter
Mary Johnson, who many may remember from her interview with Fox Sports Detroit during her first Tigers game, passed away last Saturday.

2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings & Projections - ESPN
I hate to ruin the surprise... ok, not really. Miguel Cabrera is the top player on ESPN's fantasy baseball projection list because of his potential for eligibility at third base. I think it's safe to say that the first pick in BYB's fantasy draft (details coming soon) will be in very high demand.

Around the AL Central:

40 Man Roster Review: Jonathan Sanchez - Royals Authority, Clark Fosler
If there's one offseason acquisition in this division that scares me, it's the Kansas City Royals signing Jonathan Sanchez. Let's hope he doesn't pick up any Tiger-killing tricks from Bruce Chen.

For the Love of All Things…No. Just…No. - It's pronounced "Lajaway", Stephanie Liscio
A possible Travis Hafner-for-AJ Burnett swap hasn't really been on the radar, but hey, neither were the Angels or Tigers before they made big moves this offseason. Anyway, the Indians faithful seem to be just as weary of Burnett as anyone else with half a brain (sorry, Pittsburgh).

Scott Baker: Most Underrated Hurler in the Bigs? - FanGraphs, Brandon Warne
The Twins righthander can be underrated all he wants, as long as he serves as a launchpad for the Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder combo next season.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

About the Cubs playing at U.S. Cellular Field in 2013 - South Side Sox
The Chicago Cubs will be homeless during the 2013 season, as Wrigley Field is scheduled to be renovated. Surprisingly, White Sox fans are OK with the idea of the Cubs calling The Cell home for a season.

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn says he's 'ahead of schedule' after 14-hour tumor removal surgery - ESPN, Tom Friend
"Tony Gwynn's cancer surgery was deemed a success Wednesday, after five doctors spent 14 hours removing a malignant tumor from the Hall of Famer's right cheek Tuesday."

Bryce Harper needs to grow up - The Washington Post, Jason Reid
The Washington media has been harsh on Harper ever since his favorite football team was the Dallas Cowboys, but Harper hasn't done himself any favors so far during his short time with the Washington Nationals organization.

Magglio Ordonez Not Interested in a Minor-League Deal - MLB Daily Dish, Julian Levine
If you're surprised by this, then you obviously haven't heard the name Scott Boras before. (h/t Anthony Steven Lewis for the fanshot)