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Every Tigers game will be televised -- if you're in Michigan anyway

The Tigers announced today that all 162 games will be televised again this season. Five are scheduled for Fox Saturday baseball, and 157 are currently set for Fox Sports Detroit.

The Fox Saturday schedule so far lists April 7 vs. the Red Sox, May 5 vs. the White Sox, June 2 vs. the Yankees, June 30 vs. the Rays and Sept. 15 vs. the Indians. Remember, those are national games in name only. If you're outside the state of Michigan, your odds of seeing the game quickly diminish and the games are blacked out on your internet or MLB package.

As always, you can expect some number of games will be picked up by ESPN during the course of the year as well.

Fox Sports will also gear up its coverage of the team in the week before the season begins, too.

FOX Sports Detroit also presents "Tigers Premiere Week," April 2-8 to include a Season Preview special and the 2012 debut of the long-running TIGERS WEEKLY. Other Premiere Week programming will include the Tigers' April 4 exhibition game against the Triple-A affiliate Toledo Mud Hens, an extended one-hour pregame edition of TIGERS LIVE before the April 5 season opener, select encores of 2011 Tigers Weekly episodes, and other shows to be announced.