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New Comerica Park scoreboard revealed

New Comerica Park scoreboard revealed
New Comerica Park scoreboard revealed

You probably remember mention that TigerFest was being canceled in January in part because of a new scoreboard the Tigers planned to install. It is a much-needed upgrade, most agree.

Today they announced a few details about the scoreboard, which will be manufactured by Daktronics, a company whose name should be familiar to anyone who follows Division II sports closely.

The picture above is a mock-up of how it should look when finished by Opening Day. (Here's a picture of the old scoreboard.)

Per the press release:

"Every year there are discussions with ownership to assess how to upgrade the ballpark and enhance the fan experience," said Duane McLean, Tigers Executive Vice President, Business Operations. "The goal is to provide the best in-park atmosphere possible for the fans. The new HD video board and system integration is a significant upgrade to Comerica Park."

The left-field scoreboard will be an LED display measuring approximately 48 feet high by 127 feet wide. The display can be divided into multiple windows to show video, animations or statistics, or it can operate as a giant screen. A 5 foot tall by 100 feet wide LED display will be positioned below it to display pitching statistics.

The Tigers say Daktronics will also provide creative digital content from opening animations and crowd prompts to player bios and sponsor animations

Looks pretty cool. What do you think?