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Pitchers and catchers report, Ryan Raburn, and Justin Verlander's possible regression: Morning Prowl

No more countdown, folks! Because spring training has officially begun. And because yesterday was the first day for pitchers and catchers in Lakeland, I decided today's link dump was going to be strictly Detroit Tigers' links. It seemed appropriate! So enjoy. And happy baseballing.

Quiet reporting day at Tigers camp -- Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
Pitchers and catchers reported today, but as Beck says, it's not as exciting as everyone makes it out to be. Here's a pretty good rundown of what actually happened yesterday in Lakeland.

The DNR Preseason Top 40 -- DesigNate Robertson
Using the 40-man roster, Rogo lists his favorite players from one, all the way down to 40. And somehow, Brad Thomas still makes the list. I am not surprised.

Tigers REJECTED scoreboard player puns -- Brain Matters
Phil Coke's Brain takes a stab at possible scoreboard headlines, as if they were written by the recently fired ESPN mobile headline writer. Yep. It's as awesome as it sounds.

Will Cy Verlander Regress? -- Motor City Bengals, Bryan Craves
After a banner season last year, can Cy Young winner Justin Verlander really get any better? Craves looks at the last five winners of the award to help find the answer.

Detroit Tigers' Max Scherzer looking to add two-seam fastball to arsenal --, James Schmehl
It looks like Max Scherzer has spent most of his offseason working on a fourth pitch. This is huge for Scherzer who often struggles with his command. And it shows you just how motivated this team is heading into the season.

Doug Fister Talks Tiger's Training --
Because who doesn't love a good interview with Doug Fister? Fox 2's Ryan Ermanni spoke with Fister at Joker Marchant Stadium yesterday for the first day of spring training.

Lakeland's storied history includes far more than baseball -- The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
With the official start of baseball yesterday, it's only fitting to take a brief look at the history of Lakeland. As it turns out, there's more to it than baseball. Who knew?

Who's on Second? --
What Mario Impemba does during seven hour bus rides with Oakland University.

Tim Kelley leaves real-world job to chase MLB dream -- Tulsa World, John E. Hoover
How can you not cheer for a guy like this? Kelley will arrive in Lakeland March 3 to try out for the Detroit Tigers, after quitting his job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car less than two weeks ago.

Miguel Cabrera arrives to spring training early, in shape and all smiles -- The Detroit News, Tom Gage
If you want to watch a 30-second video of Jhonny Peralta and Miguel Cabrera playing catch, this is the link for you. I know I sold that really well. But for me, I'll take what I can get at this point.

It's Your Turn? -- Old English D, Jennifer Cosey
An interesting piece on the annual open tryouts the Tigers hold. This year's takes place March 5.

Thoughts from Leyland’s busy arrival -- Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
My favorite part of this post is this: "I can’t say I’ve ever looked forward to a spring as much as this one," Leyland said. Me either, Jim.

Jeff Jones begins first camp as Tigers' pitching coach --, Jason Beck
First order of business? Finding the Tigers' fifth starter. No pressure.

Ryan Raburn hopes to heat up before weather -- The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
"What isn't debatable -- or understandable -- is Raburn experiences seasons the way the United States Mint sees coins: There must be two sides, each with distinct opposing images." Can't really sum it up much better than that.

The Detroit Tigers All-Time Best Starting Lineup and Team -- Bleacher Report, Ben Stuby
Yeah, I linked to Bleacher Report. Sue me.