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Bless You Boys Podcast 29 - Brandon Inge to 2nd base, Kurt sings...the Mayans were right

With the Tigers returning to the field, it also means the return of the Bless You Boys Podcast to a regular schedule! Word of warning, the final 5 minutes of the podcast contains a blogger serenading his dog. I'm not kidding...

BYB Podcast 29 has a running time of 1:11, and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen, Melissa Heyboer and Al Beaton.

Blog stuff:

  • Introducing Melissa Heyboer!
  • BYB Fantasy leagues are on the horizon.
  • What to expect from BYB spring training game coverage.
  • The annual BYB Meetup has a date, Alli has all the details.

Topics discussed:

  • Pitchers and catchers!
  • Brandon Inge and 2nd base, a match made in Heaven...or Hell?
  • We no longer need to discuss Yoenis Cespedes...but what were the A's thinking?
  • Who's tired of the "Prince Fielder's contract will cripple the Tigers" media meme? (Raises hand)
  • Should the relationship (or lack thereof) between Prince Fielder and Cecil Fielder even be a topic of discussion?
  • Andy Dirks tears up the Winter League, becomes a Dominican national hero, will still be the Tigers' 4th outfielder.
  • Thanks to small market teams refusing to spend money, the Tigers can no longer go over slot in the amateur draft, and have only $2.1MM available for contracts.
  • Media beating dead horses.
  • Will Tony La Russa do more than just try to stop Jim Leyland from smoking like a chimney while shadowing Dave Dombrowski in Lakeland?
  • We add to Ian Casselberry's 10 best things about being a Tigers fan list.
  • SI OR NO! SI OR NO! Head to Walkoff Woodward to learn about some must own Miguel Cabrera t-shirts for Tigers fans. This needs to happen!

Brandon Inge mentions: Too many to count.

Blogs mentioned: Roar of the Tigers, Walkoff Woodward, Fangraphs, Hardball Talk, Buster Olney Blog (ESPN Insider), Big League Stew.

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