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Majestic Athletic: Still trolling Miguel Cabrera, a year later

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I was browsing Tigers gear this afternoon, looking for a new batting practice jersey -- they don't make them anymore by the way, which sucks -- and found this abomination on the Majestic site (click the pic to zoom).


The description reads:

Try to prevent your favorite Tigers player from showing up in the blotter! Show unconditional support in this Detroit Tigers Off-Field Drama T-Shirt! Features a vibrantly colored Detroit Tigers name across the chest.

I can't believe they're selling this. I don't know how long it's been on the site because their non-sale prices are too expensive and I never shop directly from Majestic, personally. But I mean, really? It's not even topical at this point!

Here's the link to the product page. If you'd like to give them a piece of your mind, you can find them on twitter @MajesticOnField or there's contact info on their site's main page.