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Detroit Tigers Links: Prince Fielder As a Father & Chipper Jones Is Thinking About Retirement

"The pitcher all on the mound, thowin' fastballs with a curve, the nerve of speedballin'"
"The pitcher all on the mound, thowin' fastballs with a curve, the nerve of speedballin'"

Prince Fielder's kids are hard at work, Jim Leyland is Captain Obvious , and Delmon Young is speedballin': this and a heavy dose of sarcasm in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Prince Fielder a hit as doting dad - The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
It looks as if the Tigers training staff is putting both of Prince Fielder's sons to work early and often. Weight references: just one this time.

Jim Leyland says getting hitters out key to winning Tigers' fifth starter spot - Detroit Free Press, George Sipple
I absolutely love that title. This is the type of hard-hitting analysis that we just can't provide to you here at BYB.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Detroit Tigers Fifth Starter Candidates - Detroit Tigers Scorecard, Grey Papke
No offense to Patrick/Tigerdog for his excellent work in profiling the Tigers' fifth starter candidates, but this is definitely the best preview we've seen so far this spring.

Better Know a Tiger: Justin Verlander - DesigNate Robertson
Rogo starts his player-by-player previews with one of the worst of the bunch. I mean seriously, his dad had to negotiate his rookie contract for him. What a goob.

Return of the Videos: Speedballin’ - Cats With Bats
Delmon Young highlights (yes, he has highlights) and OutKast? This one is well worth your time.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Chipper: "I don’t know if I can make it through this year" - Atlanta Journal Constitution, David O'Brien
If I were a betting man, I'd say that Chipper Jones hangs up the spikes before the season begins. So much for Martin Prado's availability.

Bobby V doesn't want to see much traditional sac bunting - The Providence Journal, Brian MacPherson
We need to lock Jim Leyland in a room with Bobby Valentine. Time period: to be determined. [h/t Over the Monster]

New Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey feels no pressure replacing Jonathan Papelbon -, Ian Browne
Because even if he completely falls on his face, at least he wasn't downing chicken wings and beer in the clubhouse before the game.

Giancarlo Stanton Okay After HBP - Baseball Nation, Jeff Sullivan
"Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton took a pitch to the wrist, but fortunately he's come away all right." In other news, I got to type "Giancarlo Stanton" and now I am happy.

Roberto Hernandez Heredia works out deal to have false identity charges dropped - HardballTalk, D.J. Short
Remember how Fausto Carmona turned out to be Not Fausto Carmona? Turns out he might still be Fausto Carmona. If whatshisname is granted a visa and makes it back to the Cleveland Indians roster, we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Arizona Diamondbacks' Trevor Bauer quite unique - ESPN, Jim Caple
After reading this, I'm hoping that Bauer heads north... er, slightly southwest with the Diamondbacks to start the season. Also, Miguel Montero's quote about Bauer's warm-up routine is priceless: "He's throwing it right at you." Dude, you're a catcher.