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Casey Crosby optioned by Detroit Tigers to Toledo Mud Hens

The number of candidates for the Tigers' fifth-starter role is a bit shorter this afternoon. The Detroit Tigers announced on Twitter that Casey Crosby was optioned to the minors.

Yeah, kind of redundant, but I like embedding things.

Crosby pitched in three games, compiling 5 2/3 innings with an ERA of 4.76. The knock against him was a continued lack of control. He walked six. He also struck out four. He profiles as a reliever if he cannot get his walks down. However, the Tigers plan to continue using him in the start's role in the minors.

That's the right move, because you want to see him get as many innings as possible in the minors so he can continue work on areas of his game that need more work. Hopefully he can find the strike zone more often and make himself a valuable part of the future.