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Bless You Boys goes video: Do spring training stats matter?

On March 1, SB Nation launched its video channel -- found here -- complete with a studio in New York and well-known sports figures like Bomani Jones and Amy K. Nelson sharing opinions or doing fun reports. At the same time, SB Nation began rolling out team reporting, too. 1

Bless You Boys wasn't in the very first edition, but we were lucky enough to be selected to join the continued growth of the team reports channel and are happy to finally go public with a video today. Please bookmark and subscribe to our brand new Bless You Boys channel. NOW. Thanks!

What this means for you is that a couple times each week, I'll probably analyze some happenings with the team or rant about whatever comes to mind.

Hopefully with time, this continues to grow as I get better at it and learn new tools. Unfortunately for you, my face will remain the same throughout -- so please try to avoid using the high definition setting and cover your eyes at all times. Another thing you can do is share ideas for things you'd like to see -- keeping in mind I live about 460 miles north of Detroit and almost every BYB writer/editor lives out of state so we're not able to do any group things.

This is actually the fourth video I produced, but the first one you get to see. Saturday, I went out to Wetmore Pond north of Marquette to talk about when -- and if -- spring training stats matter, and what the phenomenal numbers being put up by Ryan Raburn and Delmon Young might mean.

You'll find the video after the jump. But again, please subscribe to our channel! I wanna see big numbers!