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Magglio Ordonez near retirement

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Not much to say, yet. But it appears the hero of the 2006 ALCS and near-MVP of the 2007 season may be hanging it up. Magglio Ordonez wrote on Twitter (in spanish) that he is near retirement.

(Although the account is not confirmed by Twitter, it is followed by the @Official_Tigers account, confirming its identity.)

Ordonez looked as if he may retire earlier in the offseason after he required surgery on an ankle-fracture sustained during the American League Championship Series against the Texas Rangers.

He successfully went through rehabilitation and decided to have another attempt at playing in the major leagues, and was even rumored to be in talks with the Oakland A's for awhile.

However, nothing seems to have come of that and now Ordonez is about two weeks out of the major league season and still without a team.

If he retires, Ordonez will finish his career with a .309 average, 294 home runs, 1296 RBI and the thanks of Tigers fans everywhere. He batted an amazing .363 in 2007 for the Tigers and apparently finished his seven-year Tigers career with a .312 average, .373 on-base percentage and .476 slugging average along with 107 home runs.

The video below will forever make him a fan favorite in Detroit.