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Detroit Tigers Links: Brennan Boesch's lefty power & Andy Oliver's decline


Brennan Boesch is rising to the lefty challenge, Brandon Inge's batting average apparently doesn't mean diddly-squat, and Jamie Moyer is ... you guessed it ... old. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Tigers' Brennan Boesch rises to the lefty challenge -- Detroit Free Press, John Lowe
The more I watch Brennan Boesch this spring training, the more I think he's going to have a huge year. Like ginormously huge.

Rosenthal tries to improve on 2011's prognostication performance -- FOX Sports, Ken Rosenthal
Love it or hate it, the Tigers were predicted by Ken Rosenthal to win the World Series over the Arizona Diamondbacks. I say: Bring. It. On.

Tigers Need To Bring The Best Up North -- CBS Detroit, Matt Dery
I know we're just beating a dead horse here. But seriously, this kind of made me LOL. If only the Brandon Inge saga were this simple.

Detroit Tigers will look beyond batting average when evaluating Brandon Inge this spring --, James Schmehl
I mean, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But c'mon. (See above)

Who leads off for the leadoff hitter? -- Walkoff Woodward, Josh Worn
"A very interesting idea was raised last week by Buster Olney. He wonders if at some point this year, Ryan Raburn can supplant Austin Jackson as the Tigers leadoff hitter since there are some talent evaluators who believe Jackson is still having trouble with pitch recognition and will eventually be dropped down in the lineup."

Oliver Makes Case For Rotation Spot... In Toledo -- Motor City Bengals, Chris Hannum
I honestly think Oliver had the fifth starter spot locked up going into yesterday's game -- barring a really awful showing. Well, worst case scenario happened and we're sort of back to square one. I like Drew Smyly, but many worry he's not ready for the big leagues.

In search of a fifth starter. -- Roar of the Tigers, Samara Pearlstein
Andy Oliver is holding an olive. Just brilliant.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Moyer’s Age, Youk’s Shirt: Dotes for March 27 -- NotGraphs Baseball, Robert J. Baumann
Poking fun at Jamie Moyer's age is always good fun.

Springtime Storylines: Are the Kansas City Royals finally ready to contend? -- HardballTalk, Aaron Gleeman
The Kansas City Royals are the team you have high expectations for every year, and without fail, they let you down. Well they might not let YOU down (after all, if you're reading this, you're probably a Tigers' fan), but they certainly let down baseball analysts and the Kansas City faithful. I'm not sure this year will be any different.

Sports Cards For Insane People: Mascot Cards, Here To Make You Scream In Your Sleep --, Jon Bois
I can't ...

R.A. Dickey bio details childhood sexual abuse, suicidal feelings -- Big League Stew, David Brown
Stuff like this is heart breaking. Kudos to him for having the courage to talk about it.