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Detroit Tigers Links: Miguel Cabrera Returns to Practice & Magic Johnson Buys the Los Angeles Dodgers

Levitation: the only power that Miguel Cabrera has not yet mastered
Levitation: the only power that Miguel Cabrera has not yet mastered

Miguel Cabrera returns to infield practice, Craig Monroe joins Fox Sports Detroit, and Magic Johnson becomes a part-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. These stories and the best picture of all-time (no, it's not Jason Grilli) in today's Morning Prowl.

Cabrera takes ground balls Wednesday - Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
Good news: Miguel Cabrera has learned that his face is not his glove (OK, I'm done). Cabrera could be back in the lineup as early as today, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Jim Leyland wait another day or two.

U Mad Bro? - Kaline's Corner
This is a link to a picture of Brandon Inge with a mullet. I personally guarantee that this picture will end up in some photoshops throughout the season.

Brandon Inge's destiny is down to final out - The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
"But one thing I've made clear is that I don't make decisions off one bad year. I'm kind of tired of selling myself short. And I know I'm a lot better hitter than other guys out there." The pitchers don't count, Brandon.

Craig Monroe joins FSD as analyst - Fox Sports Detroit
He might not be quite as country strong as Marcus Thames was during his time in Detroit, but Monroe is a welcome addition to the Tigers Live crew. Anything that gives John Keating's hair less camera time is a win in my book.

The Secret "Tigers Live" Analyst Test Screenings - DesigNate Robertson
Rogo celebrates his 15 minutes of FSD-tweet-reading fame by giving us the inside scoop on how Craig Monroe was chosen to join the Tigers analysis team.

A change of Scenery for Andy Oliver Could Pay Off for Two Teams - Motor City Bengals, Jordan Gorosh
The offseason might be over, but the rosterbation never stops. Would I trade Oliver for Travis Snider? I mean, maybe, but I'd rather have a Frosty or something.

L.A. celebrates Magic Johnson and new Dodgers owners - Los Angeles Times
In case ESPN didn't tell you enough over the past 24 hours, Magic Johnson was part of a business group that bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion (yes, with a 'b'). Naturally, Dodgers fans are pretty excited.

Ackley, Ichiro unstoppable in Mariners' win -, Greg Johns
Real baseball! The A's and Mariners kicked off the 2012 season this morning with the first of two games played in Tokyo, Japan. Jeff Sullivan from Lookout Landing made sure to analyze the important moments of the season's first game.

Indians Option Matt LaPorta and Lonnie Chisenhall to AAA Columbus - SB Nation Cleveland, David Vranicar
The Indians and Tigers don't play each other until May 22nd, so it's still entirely possible that one or both could be back in the majors by the time we see Cleveland.

John Lackey: Boston’s fried chicken-and-beer controversy is ‘retarded’ - Big League Stew, Kevin Kaduk
I think that the headline should read "Bahston's fried chicken and beeah controvuhsy is retahded." It's more accurate.

Drew Storen of Washington Nationals to start on 15-day DL - ESPN
Storen has been battling elbow issues all spring, so his prognosis isn't very promising. Make sure you go after Brad Lidge or Henry Rodriguez in your fantasy league, not Tyler Clippard. Nationals manager Davey Johnson says that he wants to keep Clippard in his usual setup role.