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Bless You Boys Podcast 32: Detroit Tigers 2012 season preview

This week's Bless You Boys Podcast is also our Detroit Tigers2012 season preview, with special guest Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports' Hardball Talk. Craig, an admitted baseball hipster and Allison's significant other, gives us the national perspective on the Tigers.

BYB Podcast 32 has a running time of 1:30, and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen, Al Beaton and Craig Calcaterra.


  • We get the real scoop on Allison giving Craig a tie for Christmas.
  • How good are the Tigers? Is the Central a one team race?
  • Which Central team could make the Tigers sweat?
  • The final word on Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera, but from the national POV.
  • Justin Verlander and BABiP.
  • Traditional stats vs. sabermetrics.
  • The regular season started in Japan? Today? Really? Who else forgot?
  • We preview the 2012 Tigers.
  • We make our season predictions!
  • Miguel Cabrera cleared to play on opening day!
  • Brandon Inge is on the roster bubble. Is this the end of Inge?
  • Why do Tigers fans go to war over a career .258 career hitter coming off a .174 season?
  • Jacob Turner sent to Toledo...but for how long?
  • Another JohnMoz supplied lightning round with references to gifting ties, Twilight, hotfoots, Inge and Casper Wells channeling Lloyd Dobler.

Brandon Inge mentions: Kurt creates a new prime number using "Inge". So there's plenty of Inge content...though some fans may not like what they hear.

Blogs mentioned: Hardball Talk, of course!

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