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VIDEO: Prince Fielder's first home run with the Tigers

Prince Fielder's time in the Detroit Tigers uniform has been fruitful so far. He hit a double on the first and only pitch he saw on Friday. He was perfect 2-for-2 Saturday, and hit his first home run in the Tigers uniform on Sunday. He's currently batting .750 It's just spring training. But that's all we've got right now, and we're going to celebrate it.

Fortunately, a reader shared video on Bless You Boys' Facebook wall. (Do check us out!) This comes from "Detroit Tigers Spring Training In Lakeland," who you should also give a visit on Facebook. He also has a Youtube channel and has posted several videos already. (Expect more home run shots to be posted soon, I've been told.)

There are a few more videos that may be of interest, including the play made by Miguel Cabrera at third Friday and commentary by a fan nearby. "Holy crap, did you see that?"