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AUDIO: Chris Iott talks Delmon Young and Brandon Inge on ESPN970

Espn_marquette_s_970wzam_am_mediumCasey Ford of Marquette's ESPN970 spoke with MLive's Chris Iott -- a Northern Michigan University alum, by the way -- today, and passed the audio on for me to use. They spent a lot of time discussing the rotating designated hitter and Delmon Young, some on Brandon Inge, and, of course, the fifth-starter question.

On Delmon Young: "Players want to play. ... I think there's a certain stigma attached to being a deginated hitter, it implies you're not good enough to get into the field. Not a lot of guys ... 26 year old baseball players, want to be a full time DH going into contract negotiations.

"Delmon can play an adequate left field. He's not the fastest guy in the room. But he'll be alright -- I guess."

On Inge: "I have seen Inge play maybe two games at second base, and I'm pretty impressed. He's an athletic guy, it's impressive how fast he made the adjustment. he's made some mistakes over there. it's a complicated position compared to third, but he's perfectly capable of playing second."

On who's impressed Iott: "Miguel Cabrera is in amazing shape and is dedicated to playing third, and I think he'll do OK here. Prince Fielder hits the ball farther than anyone could have imagined and is seemingly a great guy and a great guy in the clubohuse. The way this team is stacked up, it's impressive."

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