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Bless You Boys Podcast 30: What the voice of the turtle really sounds like

Despite this being the most boring Detroit Tigers spring training on record, we gathered to record a new episode of the Bless You Boys Podcast regardless. It's what we do as Tigers fans, talk baseball!

BYB Podcast 30 has a running time of 1:11, and features Kurt Mensching, Melissa Heyboer and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • Time to pay up, people! You can now send Alli your hard earned cash for August's Bless You Boys meetup. Check out this post for all the details. I'll see you there!
  • There's not a damn thing going on in Lakeland.
  • Goodbye "April in the D", hello new Fox Sports Detroit girl.
  • The News' Tom Gage assassinated the character of Brandon Inge.
  • If I could lose any more respect for the media, ridiculous headlines, such as this one, will do it.
  • Jim Leyland is teasing a roster surprise!
  • Six Tigers make the MLB Network top 100 players list.
  • The Tigers' 2012 breakout player will be?
  • The News' Lynn Henning says the Tigers have a surplus of starting pitching!
  • Goodbye to arguably the best name in baseball, Deik Scram.
  • Carlos Guillen retires. He will be missed.
  • Joel Zumaya is injured again.
  • Turns out the Marlins got zip in two trades involving Cameron Maybin, who signed a long-term deal with the Padres.
  • Our final word on playoff expansion.
  • What will change next in MLB?
  • Who is the best player in baseball? The MLB Network says it's Matt Kemp.
  • Lightning round!

Brandon Inge mentions:More than your heart desires.

Blogs mentioned: Not a one.

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