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Victor Martinez return in 2012 remains possible

Victor Martinez may yet return to the Tigers this season.
Victor Martinez may yet return to the Tigers this season.

When Victor Martinez injured his knee in January, he appeared to be lost for the season. The Tigers quickly began searching out alternative options -- and landed on a rather big, royal one by the name of Prince Fielder -- while Martinez's doctors put together a plan of their own. A pair of operations were scheduled. First, microfracture surgery was performed in January. A second surgery, on the torn ACL, was scheduled for later.

The Tigers learned this week that Martinez's recovery is going better than originally expected. Reconstruction of the ACL was not necessary. Although it should be considered unlikely, Martinez may yet play baseball in 2012, the team says.

Chris Iott of MLive reports:

The Detroit Tigers announced today that Dr. Richard Steadman assessed the ACL in Martinez's knee and decided reconstruction surgery was not necessary. Steadman did perform a procedure to help the healing of the ACL.

The timetable for recovery from the microfracture surgery Martinez underwent January 27 is about seven months, the Tigers said. If that stands, Martinez could return to baseball activities in late August or early September.

The next step for Martinez is an MRI scheduled to be performed in July. If fortune shines, the Tigers could have their designated hitter contributing by the end of the season. (We won't know the timetable until the MRI, however.)

How frightening would that be for opposing clubs?