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Tigers roster moves imminent

This much we know: Drew Smyly is scheduled to start Thursday's game against the Rays. Smyly is not currently on the active roster.

This much we know: Adam Wilk is scheduled to start Saturday's game against the White Sox. Wilk is not currently on the active roster.

This much we know: Brandon Inge is eligible to come off the disabled list Saturday. Inge (obviously) is not on the active roster.

That means the next couple of days will not go well for a couple of players who are currently Detroit Tigers. The Tigers likely have to send two position players and one pitcher to the minor leagues over the next couple of days. The question, then, is who gets sent out?

The four most-likely names are Andy Dirks, Clete Thomas, Danny Worth and Brayan Villarreal. Obviously, only three moves need to be made. I am not certain which direction the Tigers will choose to go on the Dirks/Thomas front.

Working our way backwards, Villarreal was called up on Sunday. That seems temporary, as he did not make the team out of spring training, and there's no reason to send out anyone who did. Worth was always a place-holder for Inge. The spot on the active roster should belong to Worth, but that's just the way things work out when your competitor is owed more than $5 million and is popular far out of proportion to his playing ability.

Dirks has played in all two games this season, making two starts. He has eight at-bats and is hitting .375 with no extra-base hits. Thomas has played in two games, both as a defensive replacement in the late-innings.

Ultimately, I think Thomas loses out. He seems to be redundant with Don Kelly (who is getting the start in left field today) while the Tigers have treated Dirks like the primary fourth outfielder.

So that's how I see it. What have you got?