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Bless You Boys Podcast 34: Say hello to 5-1, say goodbye to Clete's Cult

Kurt, Allison and Al revel in what was a hugely successful season opening home stand for the Detroit Tigers in the latest Bless You Boys Podcast!

BYB Podcast 34 has a running time of 1:11 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Another BYB Meetup reminder!
  • Thanks to Baroque being unable to sleep, there is now a FanPost for ALL of your fantasy rosterbation needs. If you do so in the game threads, we will mock you mercilessly in the next podcast!
  • Everyone on the Tigers is off to a fast for a few of the usual suspects.
  • There's lots to like and very little of concern after a 5-1 home stand.
  • Who is the Tigers' week 1 MVP?
  • Ohhhh, Jackson! Austin Jackson, that is...
  • The fact there are no wins from Justin Verlander, or anyone else in the starting rotation, during the 5-1 start is as fluky as it comes.
  • Doug Fister to the DL, Adam Wilk joins Drew Smyly in the rotation.
  • Daniel Schlereth is the new BYB whipping boy. Is it deserved? Allison says yes, Kurt says no.
  • The Cult is no more. Clete Thomas designated for assignment.
  • Victor Martinez is still not ruled out for a late season return from knee surgery..but don't count on it, either.
  • As expected, there are more John Lannan rumors. Expect nothing to come of them.
  • The Tigers seem to be doing just fine despite the baseball hipsters decrying the dire straits of the minor league system for the past several years.
  • Time for Boston Red Sox fans to panic? We sure hope so!
  • The small market Cincinnati Reds give long-term, mega-dollars contracts to Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. Crazy smart...or crazy insane?
  • Ozzie Guillen says he loves him some Fidel Castro, gets suspended 5 games. Chicago White Sox fans point toward the Miami Marlins...and laugh.
  • Letters from listeners, where we recommend a few Twitter accounts from journalists we think are worth following.
  • Red Wings fan Al and Sharks Kurt both think Brendan Shanahan is an idiot. It needed to be said.

Brandon Inge mentions: We are on an a hiatus from from all things Inge.

Blogs mentioned: Hardball Times, Detroit4Lyfe

Twitter feeds recommended: Micheal Rosenberg, Bob Wojnowski, Joe Posnanski, Tony Paul, Matthew B. Mowrey.

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