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VIDEO: Re-Creation Of A Delmon Young Routine Fly Ball

We love Delmon Young. We really do! And that's quite a drastic change from our normal perception. Think about that; Young was a Minnesota Twins outfielder 12 months ago. He was on that blasted 2009 Twins team. In his minor-league career he threw a baseball bat at an umpire during an altercation.

Prior to switching sides to the good guys and patrolling left field in Comerica, he never exactly gained reputation as a Joe Crede-type Tiger-killer. But he was easy to root against since it was evident, as a No. 1 overall pick, he was struggling in the majors. (He was also picked two spots ahead of former Tigers minor league great Kyle Sleeth.)

But now he's Detroit's problem ... or blessing. However you want to put it.

It's with nothing but adoration for his offense and swing-happy approach that I do my best impression of Delmon Young tracking a fly ball hit his way.