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Detroit Tigers Links: Doug Fister's Rehab Pushed Back & Drew Smyly's Poise


AL Central Standings

Detroit 9 3 .750 0 Won 4
Chicago 6 5 .545 2.5 Won 1
Cleveland 5 5 .500 3 Lost 1
Minnesota 4 8 .333 5 Won 1
Kansas City 3 9 .250 6 Lost 7

(updated 4.19.2012 at 7:42 AM EDT)

Doug Fister suffers a setback in rehabbing from his injury, Drew Smyly is a cool customer, and Jamie Moyer becomes the oldest pitcher to ever win a game. These stories and more in Today's Morning Prowl.

Detroit Tigers 'backing off' on Doug Fister after he cut throwing session short - MLive, Chris Iott
This is not good. I'll be very surprised if we see Fister back before May.

So far, so good with Tigers' cool Drew Smyly - The Detroit News, Tom Gage
"Six innings, I'd be happy with that all year," he said. So would we, Drew. So would we.

If you want an endless loop of Prince Fielder's stolen base during last night's game, look no further.

Early in MLB season, walks, strikeouts, homers are way up -, Joe Lemire
Austin Jackson and former Tiger Rob Deer make appearances in this piece about baseball's "Three True Outcomes." (h/t Big Al)

The Next "Moneyball" - Motor City Bengals, Sam Genson
Injuries will always be part of sports. It makes sense that preventing and rehabilitating them in the most efficient way possible would be extremely important.

Around the AL Central:

It's Official: Indians Sign Damon - Let's Go Tribe
That would be Johnny Damon, in case you weren't sure. And no word yet on whether that Grazy Sizemore clause (I'm going to call it the "Back Spasms Clause") is in writing.

Chris Perez, Or Being The Cleveland Indians - Baseball Nation, Jeff Sullivan
A photo essay that basically tells us why the Tigers will win the division going away this season.

Game 10: Mariners 4, Indians 1 - Let's Go Tribe
This snapped the Indians' 4-game winning streak

White Sox 8, Orioles 1: Bats give Peavy plenty - South Side Sox, Jim Margalus
I'm just going to say it: Jake Peavy is back.

Twins 6, Yankees 5: It Happened Again! - Twinkie Town
Yes, the Twins won in New York. The Mayans might be right...

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Jamie Moyer Becomes the Oldest Man to Ever Win a Ballgame - Babes Love Baseball
Since Jamie Moyer old jokes are... well, old, I'll just say that this is pretty impressive (especially when you consider that he wasn't even touching 80 mph).

Chris Young Injury: Arizona Diamondbacks Outfield Is Now in Trouble - Bleacher Report, Ian Casselberry
"The D-Backs' center fielder left Tuesday night's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates after crashing into the outfield wall during the fourth inning."

If you want to understand why Americans love their country so, go to a baseball game - The Telegraph, Dr. Tim Stanley
This is an interesting article written by a historian and writer from the University of Oxford after watching his first baseball game. I imagine that he would find Brandon Inge as maddening as we do. Best quote: "The rules are simple and any confusion is cleared up by more beer." (h/t Craig Calcaterra)

Fan forgets he's wearing his sunglasses - Video
Note to self: if you do something stupid at the ballpark, someone will notice.

There Are Already Lots Of Empty Seats At Marlins Games - Deadspin, Barry Petcheskey
Maybe they should have offered Yoenis Cespedes actual "stupid" money.