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Rangers 10, Tigers 3 Snap Reaction: Texas batters Detroit pitching


Snap Reaction: That game was a stinker, but if you had to guess which of the four-game series could potentially turn out the worst for the Tigers, Thursday's game was it. Let's just hope it works out that way after the next three.

Yu Darvish may have stumbled a bit in his major league debut, but the Rangers' import looked pretty darn good out there.

Of course, this game was equal parts offense not scoring runs and pitching giving Texas ample opportunities to score. Tigers starter Adam Wilk gave up 10 hits and a walk in just four innings. Somehow he only gave up three runs, which gave his team an opportunity to be in the drivers seat.

Other than that whole Darvish thing. He only struck out five but it seemed like he'd ring Detroiters up at the most opportune -- or inopportune for the home team -- time. Runners on second and third and no outs? K. Leadoff walk followed by a single? K.

Then Wilk's shallow showing caught up to Detroit as the middle relief fell apart. No surprise. You give Detroit a lead in the seventh, the Tigers have a good bunch of relievers. Need your middle guys to bridge things, and they'll show why they're middle relievers. Collin Baletster gave up two runs on two hits and three walks. Daniel Schlereth was the human white flag with five runs allowed in one inning -- though you do have to credit him for bailing out Balester in the seventh.

All I can say: Thank goodness Duane Below helped game the game over before 11 p.m.

But the Rangers had 19 hits. Detroit had five. You don't need a lengthy analysis to figure out the score from that.