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Rangers 10, Tigers 4: Texas shells Rick Porcello hard

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Snap Reaction: That was a remarkably quick game for a 10-4 score.

The Texas Rangers jumped all over Rick Porcello, recording eight runs before the second out of the inning. This wasn't entirely Porcello's fault. It seemed like every ball the Rangers hit found a hole in the infield. Or outfield. And if, by chance, the ball found Brandon Inge, the Rangers were safe there, too. He was given a double-play opportunity, but he failed to tag the runner then threw poorly to first to pull Prince Fielder off the bag. The game was already 3-0 on a Josh Hamilton home run at that point. Texas appeared to be on its way to a whoopin' of the Tigers. But who knows if a well-timed double play could have turned the game around. Probably not, but the game would have been closer, anyway.

Texas kept hitting Porcello in the second inning, so the pitcher managed to leave the game without recording a fourth out. He gave up nine runs on 10 hits at that point. If not for the valiant effort of Duane Below (and a little help from the Rangers, who appear to have decided not to run up the score) Porcello's final line may have been worse.

The Rangers attacked each at bat quickly, swinging at the first pitch on more than one occasion. That might explain the rather fast pace of the game. That, and Detroit didn't spent a lot of time getting on base, either.

Highlights were brief: Austin Jackson hit his third home run of the game, and Miguel Cabrera hit his fourth. Cabrera had a three-hit game. Delmon Young had two hits, including a double. Daniel Schlereth threw two innings without walking anyone. (Again, credit Texas somewhat for that.)

Outside that, it was a stinker. Justin Verlander looks to be the stopper yet again when he takes the mound this evening.