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Player profile: Thad Weber

The Tigers announced that they have purchased the contract of right-hander Thad Weber from Triple A-Toledo to replace left-hander Daniel Schlereth on the major league roster. Here is a brief profile on the newest Tiger.

Weber was thought to be the fifth or sixth starter in the Mud Hens’ rotation starting this season, with higher rated prospects such as Andrew Oliver, Casey Crosby, Adam Wilk, Jacob Turner, and Fu-Te Ni in the organization. Well, Oliver and Crosby have struggled with control issues, Ni was just placed on the disabled list, Wilk has been called up to replace the injured Doug Fister in Detroit's rotation, and Turner has not yet arrived from extended spring training after battling tendonitis earlier in the spring. Right-hander Brayan Villarreal was optioned on April 14 and can not be recalled for ten days unless another player is placed on the disabled list.

A 27-year-old right hander, Weber was a 16th round draft choice in 2008 -- the draft that featured Ryan Perry as the team’s first round choice. Weber has always been a starting pitcher, accumulating a 30-35 record with an ERA of 3.91 and a WHIP of 1.23 over 94 minor league starts. Weber has pitched well in Toledo in his two starts this season, both victories, allowing just one run in 12 innings. Thad’s peripheral stats are fairly unremarkable. He doesn’t have any major control issues, isn’t much of a strikeout pitcher, and his BB rate is very average.

Weber’s name won’t be found on any lists of top Tigers prospects. Other than throwing a no hitter for Double- A Erie in August, 2009, he has had a very steady but quiet minor league career. He last pitched in a game on April 16, so he should be well rested and will fill a role as another long/middle reliever in the Tigers bullpen.